Writers' Police Academy Highlight Video…and 2016 Reminders!

We hope you enjoyed the brief video. It’s just a small sample of what’s in store for you at the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy. We’ve definitely outdone ourselves this year and we’re anxious for you experience the highly anticipated WPA in Green Bay.

Here are a few gentle reminders regarding your 2016 WPA experience.

1. If you haven’t already done so, please, please, please reserve your hotel room. Once our block is filled we will not be able to add more rooms. You can make your reservations by calling the hotel directly, at 920-494-7300. Be sure to ask for the WPA room rate.

2. Sign up to receive the latest updates and announcements. The link is at the bottom of the right sidebar of the WPA website.

3. The majority of WPA workshops are hands-on, but they’re designed to allow attendees to do as much or as little as they desire while still receiving the full benefit of the sessions.

4. Yes, the WPA is actual academy instruction, but without the hard stuff, such as running, push-ups, and sit-ups.  If you feel the need to drop and perform 100 push-ups, please do so in the privacy of your hotel rooms so as to not make the rest of us feel uneasy and more out of shape than we already are.

5. The Golden Donut Short Story Contest is open! Please go here for details. The contest winner receives the coveted Golden Donut Award AND free registration to any 2017 WPA event.

6. Fun facts, photos, and WPA details and announcements are often posted on this blog, my Facebook page, and the WPA Facebook page. In fact, I post lots of fun WPA stuff on Facebook nearly every day, so please visit when you have the chance.

My page – Lee Lofland Facebook page

Writers’ Police Academy Facebook page

7. WPA Twitter hashtag is #2016WPA

8. We’d like to welcome and thanks our brand new corporate supporter, The Killion Group, who is sponsoring the Long Gun: Live Fire workshops. For those of not familiar with The Killion Group (as if that’s possible), The Killion Group can help you with everything from branding you as an author to designing your book cover or series, to formatting your ebook and print book and then helping you market your book. They even edit content and have a selection of royalty-free stock images at www.HotDamnStock.com.

*WPA sponsorships are a fantastic means of advertising your books, product, brand, businesses, and more. WPA ads are viewed by a worldwide audience. To learn how you can become a WPA sponsor please visit our “Become a Sponsor” page. Your support is greatly appreciated!

9. Yes, our hands-on workshops include driving actual patrol cars during real emergency situations, such as performing PIT maneuvers and learning to correct your vehicle as it spins out of control.

Those of you participating in the PIT workshop will be doing THIS (see video below) while your fellow workshop buddies go for a wild ride in the suspect vehicle!


10. What can you expect to see and do at the 2016 WPA? Well…car chases, shooting, fire, drones, high-risk building entries, K-9’s in action, ballistics/hands-on examinations (live-fire) with one of the world’s leading experts, blood spatter investigations, fingerprinting, testifying in an actual courtroom, an insider’s examination of the Steven Avery case (“Making a Murderer”), live action demos, you as an ER doctor treating an interactive trauma patient, real time shoot/don’t shoot scenario training, martial arts training for writers, hands-on with special ops equipment and vehicles (SWAT, etc.), tactical EMS where you learn and perform lifesaving techniques to wounded officers and citizens, collection of trace evidence, and much, much more.

In fact, there’s so much to see and do at the WPA that, well, you cannot see and do everything in a single weekend, or two…or three.

See for yourselves!

2016 WPA Schedule

Finally, we’re fortunate this year because we have a bit of extra space. Therefore, I’m pleased to say that the opportunity to join the hundreds of writers who’ve already signed up is now here. Yes, there are a few available spots for THE event of the year, so hurry before they, too, are gone!

Register here!

See you soon!