Writers’ Police Academy: Day One

WPA: Day One


The first day of the Writers’ Police Academy opened with one-on-one visits with police officers, firefighters. and EMS personnel. Various agencies set up equipment on the driving track and answered questions and demonstrated equipment.

Hazardous Devices Team members offered information about explosives and how they’re handled. They also brought along some pretty massive disposal equipment and vehicles.

Recruits made their way from one station to another, reluctant to leave any of them. The information was fascinating.

Dive team members explained their role in criminal investigations and search and rescue operations.

Recruits made themselves at home behind the wheel of various patrol vehicles. Yes, they played with the lights and siren.

The Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) showed off some of their firepower.

Crime lab officers explained their duties.

Police motorcycles from several departments were on display.

Attendees toured the local sheriff’s office mobile command center.

N.C. Highway Patrol officers explained their role in law enforcement.

Bomb squad officers introduced their mechanical team member.

A fire sprinkler lab demonstration left recruits with a better appreciation of a firefighters job.

Crime scene investigators were often overheard saying, “It’s not like you see on CSI.”

FATS and VirTra training was a huge hit. Many writers said they now had a new-found respect for what police officers are faced with on a daily basis. I was extremely pleased to see everyone do so well under such stressful conditions.

Dr. Jonathan Hayes, NYC medical examiner, delivered a fascinating presentation on autopsy to a packed auditorium.

The event has already been described as Disneyland for writers.

More on Monday.

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  1. Tanya Goodwin
    Tanya Goodwin says:


    I had a great time. Learned so much. Fabulous faculty. Look forward to next year. Thanks to all who gave of their time and expertise. Lee, pm me at your convenience as I’d like to discuss a topic for next year (beyond the scope of this forum).


  2. Jeanne Adams AKA la Duchesse
    Jeanne Adams AKA la Duchesse says:

    Lee, what a GREAT weekend! Thanks to you, your lovely wife, to Verna, to the fabulous speakers,ALL the High Point Library volunteers, the GTCC officers, EMS officers, the Sheriff’s Deputies and all the speakers, and todays fine panel at the end. What a fabulous learning experience. Special thanks to the FATS training and VirTra systems guys for their workshop. Oh, and the AMAZING Bill Lanning…

    Okay, if I keep going I’ll name absolutely everyone. Seriously, wonderful event and big fun.


  3. Hannah Schwartz
    Hannah Schwartz says:

    Still reeling from the amazing experience, Lee. Thank you so much! I knew the weekend would be informative and hoped it would be fun, but I didn’t except to be so blown away and so deflated when the weekend came to an end! Looking forward to next year!

  4. Nancy Laughlin
    Nancy Laughlin says:

    What an amazing weekend. This far exceeded my expectations, and all the police, fire department, EMS personnel, volunteers, etc. have been incredibly kind and helpful. What a great workshop. I would definitely come again and recommend it all.

  5. GunDiva
    GunDiva says:

    Lee, do you sleep? I don’t know how you’ve done all of this and stayed in such good spirits. Thank you so much for organizing this, it’s been a blast!

  6. Lisa Haselton
    Lisa Haselton says:

    Fabulous weekend! So many volunteers gave their time for us this weekend and it has been an amazing time. Jeffery Deaver’s talk tonight was priceless. And it’s been great meeting so many other mystery writers. 🙂

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