WPA 2014: Do’s And Don’ts


Each year we receive dozens of questions regarding WPA activities, policies, and other business. Here are the answers to a few of those most often asked.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Comfortable clothing for the workshops—jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, etc.


There IS a chance of rain so it might be a good idea to pack a disposable poncho, an umbrella, a floppy hat, etc. We suggest comfortable dress for the reception as well since an outdoor session follows immediately afterward. Attire for the banquet is typically business casual, or what some people might refer to as “school clothes.”

Q. Is it possible for me to sit in on a Meggitt session as an observer, even though I’m not a participant?

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A. Sure, there’s seating for a few extra people in each session. However, you may only enter and exit the training room when the door is open between shooting times.

Q. Do you allow walk-in registrations?

A. Easy answer. No. The 2014 WPA is a sold-out event.

Q. Is there childcare available at the WPA.

A. No.

Q. May I bring my pet?

A. No.

* You must notify us in advance if you’re traveling with a service animal. Police canines are present at the WPA and the mix is sometimes not a good one.

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Q. Can I bring my laptop or IPad?

A. Sure, but please remember you’ll be here, there, and everywhere throughout the weekend. Therefore, lugging a heavy laptop around can grow tiresome.

Q. I’d like to make audio recordings of some of the sessions for later studies. Is it okay to do so?

A. Absolutely NO. No video or audio recordings at any time. No exceptions. Again, NO exceptions.

Q. I didn’t sign up for the banquet. May I still attend to participate in the banquet festivities but not eat?

A. We’re sorry, but only paid attendees may enter the banquet room. Tickets must be presented at the door.

Q. I don’t like the banquet menu choices. May I bring my own food?

A. No outside food is permitted.

Q. I paid to attend the WPA. Is it okay to bring my family to some of the workshops?

A. Sorry, no. Space is limited. We have a sold-out crowd and every seat will be occupied by registered attendees.

Q. I’m an author, is it okay to bring and sell my books during the event?

A. No. Sales are permitted by the official book seller (Barnes and Noble) only. In addition, books written by our presenters and special guests are the only books available at the book store.

Q. I’m a blogger. May I attend workshops for free to interview participants for my site? It’ll be great PR for your event.

A. Sorry, no. Nearly everyone who attends the WPA is a blogger and they each had to pay.

Q. I like to sleep late. Can I call someone to come back to the hotel to drive me to the academy?

A. No. Buses leave at 7:30 a.m. and will not return until late afternoon. We do not supply a back-and-forth shuttle service.

Q. I have my own handcuffs. May I bring them to use in workshops?

A. No. Personal equipment is not permitted at any time. This includes handcuffs, weapons, and your one bullet. Ink pens, pencils, paper, computers, etc., only.


A few Do’s and Don’ts

– Do ask permission before taking photographs of any instructor(s).

– Do not take videos of any kind at any time. None. Zip. NO VIDEO. Anyone caught taking video recordings will be asked to leave the grounds, immediately. No refunds.

– Do not make audio recordings of any kind at any time. None. Zip. NO AUDIO. Anyone caught recording audio will be asked to leave the grounds, immediately. No refunds.

– Do ask questions. The WPA is there for you, to help you bring realism to your stories. Please, though, ask your questions at appropriate times. Do not interrupt a live-action scenario to ask a question. Wait until the Q&A portion of the session.

– Do relax and have a good time. This is not a typical writers conference. WPA instructors are extremely writer-friendly and understand you are there to learn about their profession.