There’s No Turning Back: The WPA Wheels Are Finally In Motion!

There's no turning back


We were treated to an absolutely stunning sunset last evening. I took the vivid display as a sign that the 2014 Writers’ Police Academy is going to be fiery-hot with action and explosive excitement. You know we’re going to burn something, maybe even an entire room and its contents (arson investigation, anyone?). And, of course, we’ll find something to blow up because that’s how we roll. We’re all about the BOOMS and BANGS!

In a few days, less than a week, actually, writers from all across the U.S., Canada, and abroad, will descend on North Carolina like a swarm of hungry locusts— Hmm…perhaps murder of crows would be a more fitting description of this group.


Yes, the WPA weekend is an experience like no other. Actually, it’s three fast-paced days and nights of more fun than any adult should have while in public. Best of all, though, the WPA is packed full of more information than you could possibly absorb in a single weekend. And, we want to introduce you to a side of law enforcement not normally exposed to the general public. For a single weekend, you’ll become part of “the family.” So, welcome.

We’re in a new hotel this year, the Greensboro-High Point Marriott Airport, and we’re excited about the new location. We think you’ll be pleased.


Marriott lobby

Also new this year is our hard-working staff of volunteers. Believe me, these folks stepped up to the plate and took off running, and they haven’t stopped yet.

New Picture (5)

Polly Iyer, Robin Weaver, Ellis Vidler, Linda Lovely, Howard Lewis. Back  – Ashantay Peters

So, this morning Denene and I have begun our own journey to North Carolina. We’re the advance team. It’s our job to be certain all is well and in order before the real team arrives next week.

Are you ready to rock and roll?

Yes, you say…

Fantastic! Hang on, then, because the 2014 WPA wheels are finally in motion, and they can’t be stopped!

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 *I will be off-line most of today.