WPA 2014: A Place To Relax, Meditate, and Daydream

2014 WPA: a place to rest


Sure, our classrooms sometimes get a bit warm…

…so we open the sunroof, allowing the gentle southern breezes to flow freely.

Always accommodating, our staff opens the window of your choosing.

Our uniform dress code makes it easy to spot staff members.

The pursuit of knowledge is the quest of all WPA attendees.

Our staff takes pride in their clear and concise instructions…

…that are quite easy to understand, and follow.

Some, however, require a bit of one-on-one tutoring…

…but they eventually get the point.

Some WPA instructors utilize a “show and tell” method of instruction.

While others encourage meditation.

Sometimes, a “swift kick” approach works best.

Most instructors, however, prefer a more hands-on method. This helps the material to “stick” in the minds of students.

Workshop spaces are large and airy.

Quiet times are available for those who wish to stretch out and relax.

Outer wear is provided for those chilly North Carolina mornings.

Special accommodations are provided upon request.

Our lost and found department is second to none.

Instructors always welcome applause for a job well-done.

Recess is always a fun time.

Games, such as the ever popular, “Find The Gun On The Pool Bottom,” can stimulate the mind.

Of course, there’s always someone who dozes off in school, right? Well, we have “ways” of keeping our attendees awake and alert…C-4!

Now you see the suspicious backpack, and…

…now you don’t! We blew that sucker to somewhere beyond the suburbs of oblivion.

We look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I urge you to get plenty of rest in preparation of having more fun, seeing more action, and experiencing more excitement than you could ever imagine. The WPA truly is a Disneyland for writers!