What Happens At The Writers’ Police Academy…Shows Up Here

What happens at WPA


In just two short days, writers from all across the U.S. will put away their laptops and imaginations, and step into a weekend reality of handcuffs, gunfire, SWAT teams, sirens, barking dogs, and things going horribly wrong in a matter of seconds.

And that’s just the first hour…

See you Thursday. In the meantime, get plenty of rest. You’ll need it!

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  1. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    The weather forecast for the WPA is mostly sunny Friday and Saturday with high’s at 79 and lows in the mid-50’s. So far, no rain in sight.

    Laptops – I’ve seen people using them and I’ve heard people say they wished they’d left them in the hotel room. There is no place at the academy to store any valuables.

    Any thoughts from those of you who’ve attended in the past?

    I will say this about the 2012 event…it is larger than ever before and some workshops even require transports off campus. So whatever you bring each day is what you’ll have to keep up with and carry everywhere you go.

    And don’t let the long pants in the photos fool you. As Terry Odell said earlier today, “79 in Jamestown, N.C. is hotter than 79 in places where there is no humidity.” And she’s right.

    Same thing with the jackets. It rained really hard the entire weekend last year, so the hoods, long pants and umbrellas were a must-have. Two years ago it was hot enough to fry an egg on the asphalt, so everyone was in shorts and t-shirts.

    Still, I think the weather looks ideal for this weekend. Perfect for plaid shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, black knee socks, sandals, and a big straw hat and sunglasses.

  2. Diane Schultz
    Diane Schultz says:

    Soooooo looking forward to this, but probably not nearly rested enough (who can sleep?) Thanks for the pics, Lee. It gives me a better idea of clothing to pack. Any suggestions on note taking – do laptops or notebooks work better? I’d hate to tote a laptop if it turns into a burden, and won’t leave it at the hotel. Still, it’s very handy for notes and internet access (IF we ever have time, lol). Thanks for your input on this.

    Guppie & Newbie to WPA

  3. Wil A. Emerson
    Wil A. Emerson says:

    Boo hoo can you hear me sobbing! I can make it this year but have been to the first two and got a sampling of the real stuff when Lee was involved in a Hamilton, Ohio event. Awesome each year but this year sounds absolutely over the top. All the newbies will have a great time—and everyone will learn a lot. No, I don’t feel better about telling you all to have a great time…I’m damn jealous…boo hoo….sniff, sniff…

  4. GunDiva
    GunDiva says:

    Wearing my shirt today in honor of the WPA I can’t attend.

    Terry, I hope you and Dan have a great time on your jail tours 🙂

    I can’t wait for all of the write-ups. Wish I could be there in person instead of in spirit.

  5. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    I doubt there’ll be much of a humidity problem this week. The weather promises to be really nice. On the other hand, here on the Georgia coast even the pelicans and dolphins are sweating.

  6. Terry Odell
    Terry Odell says:

    Can’t wait. Even if catching the only flight out of here at 6 AM means getting up at 3. Am packing. Don’t suppose you can use the “weather control satellites” (if you weren’t following the Waldo Canyon Fire, you won’t get it) to get rid of some of that humidity. That’s why we moved away from Florida.

    Terry’s Place

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