Weekend Road Trip: Writers’ Police Academy Planning Meeting

WPA: Planning


The planning committee for the Writers’ Police Academy met yesterday at the High Point N. C. Public Library (one of our sponsors) to begin nailing down the final details for the event. Here’s a very brief update (sorry we can’t be more specific, but we want you to feel the same sense of wonder and trepidation experienced by real police recruits in the weeks prior to entering an actual police academy).

Okay, so everyone wasn’t there at this point, which meant it was time to catch up on news and gossip.

Nancy Metzner (she’s the person who cracks the whip and keeps us all on track) opened the meeting with information regarding…oh yeah, I can’t divulge that stuff. Top secret, you know.

Authors Mari Freeman and Samantha Kane are two of the original five committee members. Caution: Have plenty of ice water and a fire extinguisher on hand if you click through to their websites (and definitely no children). These two authors write some pretty hot stuff. I was blushing yesterday just listening to them talking about their latest releases! Ms. Freeman and Ms. Kane are in charge of…oh yeah, that’s a secret, too.

Jo Williamson and Julie Russell are both from the High Point library, and as you can see by the amount of notes they’d taken they’re hard at work at…shoot, I can’t say that either.

Not pictured are: Susan Greene, Lynette Hampton, Julie Goyette, Aislyn Denny, our West Coast member and co-founder Verna Dreisbach.

What I can say is:

– The short story contest will open this week, so sharpen your best pencils and drag out the ghouls. You’ll have 200 words to tell the tale and end it with a twisted Jeffery-Deaverish-style ending. Please check back on this site and on the WPA website for details. The winner will receive the prestigious Golden Donut Award!

– The Writers’ Police Academy will begin on Friday at 9 a.m. (registration opens at this time).

– Originally, the event wasn’t scheduled to open until noon, but we’ve added more great workshops and presenters!

– FATS training will run throughout the entire three-day event. Someone will be contacting you soon about your scheduled time to lock and load. You’ll be assigned a partner. If you have someone in mind (another academy attendee) who you feel absolutely comfortable with placing your life in their hands, then please contact me at lofland32@msn.com. I’ll see to it that you receive the backup of your choosing. You’ll be using real Sig Sauers and Glocks (modified exclusively for FATS training).

– Jonathan Hayes is presenting a fascinating two-hour session on autopsy in the auditorium. Dr. Hayes (NYC senior medical examiner) says he has designed and detailed this presentation especially for writers.

– There’s a wine and cheese reception on Friday night, complete with entertainment from Atlanta recording artist/writer Stacy Allen. By the way, Stacy just signed on with a very well-known literary agency. Her writing is wonderful. I know, because I had a chance to critique her manuscript last year at the Killer Nashville conference. Oh, we’re trying to twist Jeffery Deaver’s arm hoping he’ll bring his guitar and join in.

– Immediately following the reception I’ll be presenting a night owl session about a real homicide (complete with actual crime scene photos and other detective’s inside information not normally privy to the public).

Saturday opens at 8 a.m. with a real BANG!

– Workshops run the entire day at the campus. A box lunch is provided.

– A cash bar (at the hotel with assorted beverages) opens at 7 p.m.

– The banquet with Jeffery Deaver (Mr. Deaver will be attending many of the workshops throughout the event) begins at 7:30. Book signings to follow. Barnes and Noble will be operating a small book store at the hotel.

– Sunday will see more workshops and a debriefing session by the WPA faculty. Bring your questions!

– The WPA comes to a close at noon on Sunday.

The entire schedule will be posted this week on the WPA website. So sorry for the delay, but we’ve had a few last minutes changes and additions. Believe me, you’ll be pleased with those changes. Thanks for your patience.

*Some space is still available, so please do register soon. Also, please make sure you’ve secured your hotel rooms. We are only guaranteed a limited number, and we’ve almost reached that point.

Remember, no firearms and/or live ammunition are allowed by anyone other than law enforcement officers and other authorized academy staff. NO EXCEPTIONS. Leave your toys at home, please!