Weekend Road Trip: New York City With Paul Beecroft

Weekend Road Trip: New York City With Paul Beecroft


Our good friend and favorite coroner’s investigator, Paul Beecroft, recently journeyed from England to NYC. And he was kind enough to share part of his trip with us. Thanks, Paul.

Finally, Paul shares his reasons for absolutely having to see this statue during his trip to NYC.

1. I am a Falconer
2. The Statue was sculptured by George Blackall Simonds who comes from my home town of Reading and he also owned the local brewery.
3. He founded the British Falconers’ Club of which I am a member
4. Together with my co-writer we did his Biography for the Club Journal a few years back.

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  1. Mary Quinlisk
    Mary Quinlisk says:

    Beautiful pictures. Mind if I ask what camera you used? The pictures are crisp and the details clear.

  2. Elena
    Elena says:

    I am totally delighted – those are exactly the photos I would expect from Paul on a visit to NYC. It has many, frequently overlooked, beautiful natural places to enjoy. Thank you for the delightful reminder.

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