Weekend Road Trip: Lazy Days in North Carolina

Lazy Days In NC


Boston is officially a page in our book of memories. It’s over. Done. No more snow to shovel. Hooray!

Hopefully we’ll be in a new house, in a new city, soon. Until then, our temporary home here in North Carolina is quite peaceful. It’s a quaint little community that takes you back in time, where things are much slower. Traffic almost crawls and people still wave at passing cars. There are no blaring horns and no single-digit hand gestures from irate drivers. In fact, drivers here actually yield the right of way and stop to help stranded motorists.

The family next door even made homemade ice cream on a picnic table while their kids played outside. Yes, you heard me right. The kids actually played outside. I was amazed. They  ran and jumped and threw balls. They were sweaty and dirty. They yelled and squealed. They fed bread crumbs to a family of ducks. They had fun – honest to goodness fun. And there wasn’t a single video game or television set in sight.

Enough rambling. Hop in and join me for a brief 45mph trip down a five mile stretch of Hwy 8. Believe me, no one drives any faster on that section of highway. There’s no need to hurry. Where would you go?

Ah, this is truly the life…