Weekend Road Trip: A Shift In The Graveyard

Shift in graveyard

A Shift in the Graveyard


Young eyes, once twinkling lights of hope and promise, give way to fading dreams.

Age weathers outer shells, weakening once impenetrable barriers between health and disease.

Malignancy devastates foundation, driving out lifetimes of promise and optimism.

Despair waits hopelessly for renew,

And for repair that never arrives.

Alas, around the next turn awaits the end.

For its embrace is certain.

As certain as time itself.

*Photos by Sunday Kaminski

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  1. Ann Littlewood
    Ann Littlewood says:

    Re. the message of decay and death: The earth reclaims its own. Plants and rust repair the damage humans do and incorporate our works back into the biological fold. Read Earth Without Us. It’s all about renewal.

  2. Pat Marinelli
    Pat Marinelli says:

    Okay, Lee, I’ll admit to being older than you. I had a ’60 Rambler American. But my first car was a ’57 Dodge Cornet. You know the one with the huge fins.

    Loved going the tour of the VW cemetary.

  3. Lisa Haselton
    Lisa Haselton says:

    Great images and prose. The first image and line especially strike me and the one about repairs that never arrive. I do like how you use the metaphors.

    Do need to confess that as I scrolled to the second image, I wondered if this was going to go the way of Stephen King’s “Christine”. 🙂

    Images make for great writing prompts. So much can be inferred.

  4. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    I like that idea , Rob. Hmm… A James Lee Burke title.

    Sunday does have the knack for turning gloom, doom, and despair into wonderful works of art. Some of her photos are absolutely stunning. You can type her name in the search bar on this blog to see more. I’ve featured her a few times in the past. In fact, you’ll see one of her photographs in an upcoming contest for the Writers’ Police Academy.

  5. Robert W. Walker
    Robert W. Walker says:

    Wow — Still life with Wreckage….Junk Art….or is it Junker Art…maybe the photographer can hook up with a dealership and do an advertisement or argument for extension of Cash for Clunkers…Yeah…Clunk Art…The Lovely Metallic Mess Down by the River. Make it a James Lee Burke title.

  6. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    queen – It is sad. When I was a teen I’d always wanted a VW. Never got one, though. Instead, I opted for a 1964 Rambler.

    SZ – Sunday Kaminski’s photos always inspire me. These certainly did. When I wrote this little piece I intended for the meaning to metaphorically apply to humans and aging. And I thought I thought Sunday’s VW photos were a perfect avenue for the message. Perhaps she and I should join forces on a book.

  7. SZ
    SZ says:

    See, I took it as you were discussing my body, not the bugs !

    Great pictures again. I had a 66 bug at one time and a 68 camper van. Loved that van, even though the heater did not work.

    As for using common sense when writing cops, well I volunteered to at the SFPD and spent the last two days in the Community Relations Unit. They really need the help there, as they are just starting off. Hopefully I can move at some point. They were full in fraud and burglary has now been dispersed to the stations.

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