The Smoking Gun…Literally

Once in a while (okay, almost every week), I receive questions about unusual firearms and other weapons, the kind that are easily concealed by bad guys in those perfect mystery stories. So, today I thought I’d show a few examples of just how creative people can get when it comes to designing firearms. Of course, mystery writers have the wildest imaginations on the planet, so feel free to design whatever your story needs. After all, the inmate in Virginia’s prison system did just that when he crafted a working handgun from sewing machine parts he gathered in the institution’s sewing factory.

And that cellphone gun your editor said was totally unbelievable. Tell her to have a look at these things…

This particular zip gun uses match heads as its source of combustion. It’s capable of firing multiple projectiles, such as nuts, bolts, screws, or any other item, at lethal speeds.

I guess one is never satisfied. The inmate designer of this zip gun decided that four barrels were better than one. The gun, designed with rotating barrels, essentially acts as a semi-automatic.

This double-barrel pistol is crudely fashioned from steel in the prison’s metal shop. It uses match heads as propellant and fires bits of metal.

A one stop shop with the combination revolver/dagger/brass knuckles above.

When it’s “time” to kill, your villain need to shop no further. This handy-dandy pocket watch gun is perfect for meeting the task.

Hey, when it comes to “penning” the perfect murder, this pen gun packs a nice little punch.


A cigarette lighter gun.

A .22 cal. key.

The original Smoking Gun, a .22 cal. pipe.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The cellphone pistol.