The Road To Southern Paradise

Road to Southern Paradise


The world is in turmoil. War, politics, soaring gas and food prices, and devastating weather continue to consume the headlines and our minds. So I invite you to take a moment to relax. Daydream a bit. Visit places where the only hustle-bustle you’ll see are the thousands of fiddler crabs darting across the marsh mud. Or go to the beach and watch the pelicans glide gracefully overhead. Listen to the waves hit the sand, leaving behind sizzling sea foam and the occasional piece of odd-shaped driftwood.

But where can you go to see both the marsh and the beach? Well, hop in the car. Let’s take a drive out to Tybee Island, Ga. It’s one of the closest places to paradise this side of…well, paradise.



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  1. PatMarin
    PatMarin says:

    awesome pictures, Lee. In just love the look of Spanish Moss hanging from the trees and beach scenes are lovely.

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