Takin’ Care of Business

Cops absorb a lot on information during the months they spend in the training academy. Then, when they finally do hit the streets, they’re required to ride with a training officer who crams even more information into their brains. But there’s a common theme between both areas of training – officer survival. Here are a few of the survival tips taught to police officers:

1. You will survive! Never give up no matter how many times you’ve been wounded.

2. Carry a good weapon. You can’t win a gun fight if your weapon won’t fire.

3. Carry plenty of ammunition. There’s no such thing as having too many bullets.

4. Treat every single situation as a potential ambush. This includes meals, movies, ball games, and church. You never know when it could happen. This is why cops don’t like to sit with their backs to a door. Please don’t ask them to do so.

5. Practice your shooting skills in every possible situation – at night, lying down, with your weak hand.

6, Wear your seat belt.

7. Wear your body armor.

8. Always expect the unexpected.

9. Suspect everyone.

10. Trust no one.

11. Everyone is a potential threat.

12. Know when to retreat.

13. Stay in shape!

14. Your family needs you home safely at the end of your shift.

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