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Does your book feature a crime, crime scene, coroner, crime scene investigator, or homicide detectives?

Is it possible that you’ve never, not once in your entire lifetime, ventured into a murder scene or walked in the shoes of a homicide investigator while examining vital evidence? Do you not have experience interviewing and interrogating killers? Never collected evidence at a crime scene? Have you witnessed the sequence of events that unfold at the scene of a fatal shooting?

If your answer is no to either or all of the questions above, you’ve likely relied on the internet to assist with research for your writing. Well, as we’ve all heard, showing is far better than telling, which is why you should attend the 2024 Killer Con, the special event hosted by Writers’ Police Academy.

Killer Con is a hands-on homicide and crime scene investigator training academy. The event is designed to guide writers through the various stages of investigations, featuring details that will greatly enhance the realism of their stories.

Yes, participants will experience what it’s like to step into a crime scene as an investigator.


Spaces at this unique and exciting event are limited and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. To claim your spot I strongly urge you to sign up at noon on January 24, 2024. The 2023 Writers’ Police Academy event sold out!

2024 Guest of Honor

Killer Con is extremely pleased to announce that internationally bestselling author Charlaine Harris is our 2024 Guest of Honor.

Charlaine delivers her keynote talk at the Saturday night banquet, and she will sign copies of her books immediately afterward.

Special Guests Include:

Dr. Katherine Ramsland – bestselling author and expert on forensic psychology and serial killers.

Robert Bruce Coffin – former detective sergeant (homicide and violent crime) and award-winning mystery author.

Carrie Stuart Parks – bestselling author and internationally recognized forensic artist who is the most widely known instructor of forensic art in the world.

Michael A. Black – Chicago area police sergeant – homicide, SWAT, investigations (ret.), and bestselling author of both fiction and nonfiction.

On-Site Crime Scenes and Hands-on Workshops

Killer Con is a hands-on training event for writers, with classes taught by top forensic experts and DOJ-certified law enforcement instructors.

Classes and workshops begin on Friday, starting with a live shooting scene response scenario.  Participants will see the event unfold in real-time as first responders, detectives, EMS, the coroner, and others arrive in response to a 911 call where the frantic caller states, “Help, someone’s been shot … I think they’re dead!”

Next, Dr. Katherine Ramsland hosts a murder scene where Killer Con attendees learn particulars about the crime and then explore the scene to determine the evidence needed to solve the case. Following Katherine’s workshop, participants attend classes and hands-on training sessions on Friday and Saturday. Information and techniques learned in these sessions provide the tools to solve this case and others.

Did You Solve the Case?

At the conclusion of Saturday classes, Dr. Ramsland reveals the case details from Friday’s Crime Scene Workshop. Attendees will then know if they solved the case or not.

… And More!

Killer Con begins Thursday at noon with a massive indoor “Touch-a-Truck” event featuring a variety of public safety vehicles, fire apparatus, CSI Unit, drones, SWAT vehicles and equipment, and other items for attendees to view, examine, and explore. Officers, firefighters, and other experts will be available for Q&A and live demos.

Thursday night ends with forensic artist Carrie Stuart Park’s session Don’t Lie To Me, a forensic study of the language of deception.

Friday evening features Dr. Katherine Ramsland’s presentation, Encounters with Killers.

Saturday ends with a banquet and keynote address by guest of honor Charlaine Harris. A book signing follows her talk.

Killer Con festivities end on Sunday with a fun and informative panel discussion with experts who answer attendees’ questions.

Click to watch the Killer Con promo video below. Please turn on the sound and watch to the end.

Remember, Killer Con registration opens at noon tomorrow, January 31, 2024! Please visit the website to see the classes, instructors, and other presenters, and to sign up.

2024 Killer Con