Weekend Road Trip: I’m Off To The Hospital


I’ll be down for the count for a few days. I’m checking into the hospital on Monday for some surgical repair work on my tired bones. Hopefully, I’ll be back working the graveyard shift in a couple of days. In the meantime, please enjoy the musings of author/NYC medical examiner, Jonathan Hayes. Jonathan has graciously offered to join us as a regular Graveyard Shifter, so please feel free to pick the brain of a man who has been known to pick a few brains himself, literally.

Jonathan – Thanks for holding the reins for me while I’m mending. I hope to see you again, soon – as friends, not on one of your work tables.

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  1. l.c.mccabe
    l.c.mccabe says:


    Speaking of normal…back in my senior year in college while working as a waitress at a college town bar, I wore a button with the slogan “Why Be Normal?” It was a great conversation starter.

    The other button I considered buying said, “You’re ugly and your momma dresses you funny,” but I felt insulting my customers might not be good for tips.

    Take it easy and get the rest that you need to heal.

    :soft gentle hug:


  2. Terry
    Terry says:

    All the Get Well Soon wishes. But I have no trouble with you milking the recovery bit for a while–enjoy some time off and relax. Maybe read a few books.

  3. Jonathan Hayes
    Jonathan Hayes says:

    It’ll be a piece of cake! You’ll lie down, you’ll be asleep before you know it, and you’ll wake up immediately, all patched up. It’s really astonishing how quickly it goes…

  4. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:

    Good luck Lee. I enjoy reading The Graveyard Shift and look forward to your return. I will no doubt try and chat to Jonathan as we appear to be involved in the same job.

    Paul Beecroft, Ex Cop, now Coroner’s Officer, England

    “I see dead people”

  5. Carla F
    Carla F says:

    Good luck, Lee, and take care! We’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. I hope the pain meds will make it a little more bearable.

    What IS normal, anyway? 🙂

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