Snow, Snow, and Another 200 Word Contest!



Due to the rather large amount of snowfall we received in Boston I didn’t have the time or energy (after shoveling and snow blowing since late Friday night to stay ahead of the storm) to write a new police-type blog for today. Instead, I’m posting the information about the new 200 word contest.

The contest information and rules are posted below. In the meantime, have a peek at our snow. The photo above was taken on our street before the second round of snow arrived. By the way, have I mentioned that I hate snow and cold weather?

The rear corner of our yard on Saturday morning. Sunday’s storm doubled what you see here.

200 Word Contest: Body By the Yard

The Graveyard Shift is pleased to announce our second 200 word short story contest. The rules are simple. Write a story about the photograph above using no more than 200 words, including the title (Use your own title). All stories must be polished and complete, meaning they must have a beginning, middle, and a twisted ending that would make my friend Jeffery Deaver proud.

The judge for this contest is literary agent Verna Dresibach of Dresibach Literary Management. The contest winner will receive a DVD of the entire first season of A&E Television’s hit show Crime 360. (All entries will be screened by a panel of authors. Only the ten best stories will be passed to the judge for her review).

*This contest is presented solely by The Graveyard Shift blog. Other than providing the DVDs, A&E TV is not affiliated with The Graveyard Shift blog in any way.


Contest rules:

– One entry per person.

– Send all entries to in the body of the email ONLY. No Word Docs, photos, or attachments please.

– Emails must include the phrase ‘200 Word Contest’ in the subject line. If not, they will be deleted.

– Each entry must be 200 words or less (all entries over 200 words will be disqualified).

– Entries must be received by 8am on Wednesday December 31, 2008. The contest winner will be announced on January 9, 2009.

– Please, no profanity, horror, or erotica. The Graveyard Shift is often viewed by school children who someday hope to become police officers, forensic professionals, and perhaps writers.

– The top five entries will be posted on The Graveyard Shift at a date to be determined.

– By submitting an entry to this contest authors agree to allow The Graveyard Shift/Lee Lofland to publish the story as a part of The Graveyard Shift blog and as advertisement for the Graveyard Shift blog.

*This contest is for amusement only. All rights to all work shall remain the property of the author. The Graveyard Shift/Lee Lofland reserves the right to exclude or delete any entry without cause, reason, or explanation.

I look forward to reading your entries. By the way, there are exactly 200 words in the above listed contest rules. Oh, and please, no fancy fonts, tiny text, or other hard-to-read print. My eyes almost exploded last time trying to read some of the entries. And please make it clear where you want a new paragraph to begin.

Have fun!