Snakes On A Blog! …and other creepy things too

Snakes on a Blog


We took a long trip last weekend, and on the way home decided to stop in South Carolina to stretch our legs. If we’d known what lurked in the shadows, brush, and pools of water on either side of the trail…well, see for yourself. I’m sure glad I had my cellphone handy.

The things I do for this blog…

Fifty yards from the car, the sound of rattles grew louder with each step we took.

Around every turn.

Beside every rock.

We didn’t dare turn back.

They were everywhere.

Wading into the water didn’t help.

The wetlands presented new dangers.

If only we could find a way out of the jam we’d gotten ourselves into.

Finally, we reached a point where we were surrounded by pure horror. The time had come when we faced only two options. Large teeth to our right, and to our left was…well, I can’t even bring myself to type the words. You’ll see what I mean below.

**Warning…the following photos may cause you to scream and run away from your computers**







Waiting for us on the left was a beast with outstretched arms and muscles as hard as stone.

I nearly fainted when this creature let out its eardrum-piercing battle cry.

There was nowhere to hide. Their lookouts saw us no matter where we turned.

I knew it was nearly over for us when they began to come from the skies, too. The winged creatures were as big as army tanks.

There would be no escaping this one.

The keeper of the grounds laughed out loud when we thought running inside would offer protection.

But the strange beasts were there as well.

Miraculously, though, we found a side exit near our car. We ran to it and locked ourselves inside. I hit the gas and left that place with tires spinning and screaming across the hot asphalt, as a three-story giant dared us to come back.

We’d barley escaped death at this place called South of the Border, and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from the experience, or if the nightmares will ever go away.

But I offer you this warning…if you’re ever traveling on I95 and see a giant man wearing a sombrero…well, just beware. I assure you there’s a blue jean-and-wife-beater-t-shirt-wearing gorilla somewhere nearby.

I’m still shaking…


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  1. thelma straw
    thelma straw says:

    I just finished a chapter where my protagonist was drugged and dumped in a southern swamp – but I could not write about snakes… when I saw your pictures – though they were excellent – I knew I’d done the right thing – I am terrified of snakes and if your pictures scared me this was warning enough!! Thelma Straw

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