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That Really Burns Me Up!


An Australian man doused himself with gasoline and then charged officers while holding a can of gas and a lighter. One of the officers deployed a Taser and the man suddenly burst into flames. The man’s girlfriend threw rocks at the officers while they attempted to put out the fire.

Would You Like Bullets With Your Order?

A Denver police officer has been charged with multiple felonies after pointing his service weapon at a clerk in a McDonalds drive-thru. Why? The clerk wasn’t moving fast enough to suit him. The officer and his partner were in the process of placing an order from their patrol car when Officer Derrick Saunders became impatient and threatened the clerk.

Return Of The Flatfoot

Philadelphia police officers are returning to their roots. Officers have been assigned to walk beats in certain areas of the city. Beat cops reduce response times to incidents-in-progress, and they become familiar, friendly faces to residents. Beat officers quickly learn the neighborhood thugs and thieves and their habits, which results in faster arrests.

Hands Up! Give Me All Your…Tweets?

A woman in a New York bank found herself smack dab in the middle of a bank robbery. While the modern-day Jesse James gathered the ill-gotten funds, AnneMarie Dooling did what all heroes do in similar situations. She sent a Tweet out to her 1,900 followers. Her message? “My bank was just held up. Also my whole trackball is gone!!!” Perhaps a message to the police would have been a little more appropriate…

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