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Officer Mark Minton, a North Carolina wildlife officer, will not face charges for fatally shooting a turkey hunter. The officer and the man were engaged in a confrontation when the officer fired the fatal round.

Clyde Coffey was shot and killed by wildlife officer Mark Minton. Coffey had been hunting turkeys on his own land when approached by the officer. (Remember, hunters are always armed, a situation which can result in very dangerous situations for officers).

Sheriff’s deputies in Rockingham County, N.C. found themselves in a 90 minute standoff with an extremely irate man. The man was angry at his family, which was his excuse for shooting at them and the deputies. He fired 30 rounds at the officers before finally surrendering.


Boston police officials uncover steroid use among employees. Seven officers have been suspended. Four other officers were suspended for “improper activity” at an after hours club. New policies in immediate effect. The longest suspension is for 45 days.


Dallas County, Texas Commissioner John Wiley Price expresses concern because he and the other county commissioners have no control over their elected sheriff and the department’s high speed pursuit policies.


Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez

Ohio Police Chief Timothy Escola has retired after a video surfaced showing him kissing and caressing a female deputy (Janine England) in a patrol car while the two were transporting a prisoner. The transport took seven hours. Ironically, all charges against the prisoner were dismissed the following day. Oh, I forgot to mention that Chief Escola is married, but not to Officer England.


Chief Tim Escola


In-car video images