Please, No Biting Or Spitting…But A Little Bludgeoning Is Fine

Please, no biting or spitting

Close your eyes for a moment, and then picture this…

You’re hard at work doing whatever it is you do. No, wait. Let’s say you’re a NY Times bestselling author (since many of you are) and you’re at a huge book signing where lots of people stand before you in a line that stretches as far as the eye can see. In their hands are copies of your latest mega-hit. You’re very happy because you love your job and you just know everyone loves you.

Well, you’ve scrawled your name dozens of times  in that flaring style that’s so familiar to your devoted fans, when suddenly a guy walks up to your table and says, “I hate your work,” and then spits squarely in your face.

That would be a horrifying experience, right? But it would, if ever, probably happen only once in a lifetime—an oddity. Right? Well, imagine if it happened on a regular basis, or at least the threat of it occurring was there every single day of your life.

Unfortunately, that’s a threat that cops and jail and prison employees must deal with all the time, especially when transporting prisoners to and from various locations. But, there are precautions that can be taken to prevent being on the receiving end of an unwanted saliva shower.

The Spit Net – This handy-dandy device fits over a prisoner’s head to guard against spitting and biting.

Making its way onto the prisoner fashion scene is the Tranzport Hood, an over-the-head device featuring a bacteria-filtering fabric designed to trap contaminants. The Hood is also designed to prevent unauthorized removal while allowing a full range of  vision.

And while we’re on the subject of unruly prisoners…how about the scratchers and the lock pickers? Yep, there’s something for them, too. The Cuff Aid is a pouch that fits over the hands and cuffed wrists. No way to use those pesky, roaming fingers now! The pouch is also fitted with loops for securing the hands to a waist chain.

Having a hard time re-creating accurate bloodstain patterns from a crime scene? Can’t quite figure out what kind of weapon your suspect used to bash in the skull of your victim? What? None of your friends are willing to let you try various clubs, hammers, and crowbars on their heads for comparison?

No problem. BludgeonHead is always more than happy to let you bash in his skull. So swing a Louisville Slugger at the forehead of this guy and learn where your killer was standing when he delivered his fatal blow.

BludgeonHead is filled with pig’s blood.

* Also available as Gunshot Head.

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  1. GunDiva
    GunDiva says:

    When I was an EMT, we just used non-rebreather masks or surgical masks for the spitters/biters. But then, that was also back in the day when we could put a scoop stretcher over them before we strapped them down to keep them from fighting – that was a wonderful little restraint.

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