Pesky, Hard-To-Find Murder Scenes

Pesky, hard-to-find murder scenes


Not all murderers choose to do their dirty work in the comfort of someone’s warm and cozy brick rancher on So Sweet Lane in Lovelytown, USA. Sometimes assassins are a bit creative when it comes to disposing of the fruits of their labor. In fact, victims have been found in really odd places, like old, rat-infested, abandoned factories, dilapidated houses, inside rusty farm machinery, lying miles-deep in the woods, a railroad car, inside discarded barrels, inside water towers and tanks, under water, a chimney, and hanging from the rafters in a barn.

So why not be creative when writing your murder scenes? The real killers sure are.

* Some of the photos in today’s blog are from the collection of Maryland photographer, Sunday Kaminski. The others are mine, one of which was once an actual murder scene.