NYPD Duty Weapons For Patrol

NYPD weapons

NYPD Approved Duty Weapons for Patrol Duty (lieutenants, sergeants, and officers)

(per Patrol Guide procedure 204-09 (2012 KSA publication)

Authorized Regulation Service 9mm

SIG Sauer Model 226

Smith and Wesson Model 5946

Glock Model 19

Models Authorized For Off-Duty

– Smith and Wesson 5953 TSW

– Smith and Wesson 3914 DAO

– Beretta 8000D Mini Cougar

– SIG Sauer Model 239 DAO

– Glock Model 26

*The above off-duty approved firearms may also be carried in addition to the officer’s service weapon (as a backup weapon) providing the service weapon (revolver or pistol) is clearly visible


Regulation Holster – black leather, designed with safety lock, in eight (8)
– Glock, Model 19, right and left handed
– Smith & Wesson, right and left handed
– Sig Sauer, right and left handed
– 9MM holster with flap, right and left handed.

Two (2) Magazines and Pouches – as authorized by the Equipment
Section, with fifteen (15) cartridges in each.

Belts (2) – (for equipment: black leather, 2 ¼ inches wide with
gunmetal buckle); (for trousers: black leather, 1 ½ inches wide with
gunmetal buckle). Equipment belt will cover trouser belt, both to be worn
firmly around the waist.

Night Sights – ensure “Tritium” night sights are installed. Installation by
anyone other than a Firearms and Tactics Section gunsmith is not
permissible. Pistols purchased at the Equipment Section on or after
September 12, 1994, are already equipped with night sights installed by
the manufacturer. The use of night sights by uniformed members
authorized to carry 9MM pistols prior to September 12, 1994, is optional.

Authorized Revolvers

(Remember, the NYPD issues semi-automatic weapons to all new officers).

– Smith and Wesson Model 64NY-1 (3″ or 4″ barrel)

– Ruger GPNY – stainless steel (3″ or 4″ barrel)

– Ruger Speed 6 (3″ or 4″ barrel)

– Ruger Service Six (discontinued model)

*Uniformed officers may carry the following weapons on or off duty providing the officer owned the weapon prior to July 1, 1987

– Smith and Wesson Model 10

– Colt Official Police

– Colt Metropolitan Mark III

– Dan Wesson Model 11 (fixed barrel) *Note – many Dan Wesson models are equipped to accept interchangeable barrels of various lengths.

– Ruger Police Service 6

– Smith and Wesson or Colt .38 Special – 3″ barrel and military (Patridge) sights

*Thanks to Bob Mueller for sparking the idea for this post. Again, this material is from the KSA study manual for NYPD police officers. The information is NOT from the actual NYPD Patrol Guide. Please contact NYPD officials for precise details, or, attend the Writers’ Police Academy and learn all about the NYPD from NYPD Detective Marco Conelli.