Monday Quiz: Cordite to Killer Robots

Monday Quiz

Police officers make split-second decisions nearly every day of their careers, and many of those decisions often affect the lives of others. Could you do the same?

Well, let’s see how well you perform while under absolutely no pressure other than to satisfy your own curiosity. Here’s a brief but fun little quiz with answers that may or may not have been seen lurking within the pages of various works of fiction. Whether or not their use was correct or not…well, I’ll leave that one alone for now.

I’ll post the answers tomorrow. In the meantime…

Your time starts…now.

*By the way, the quiz becomes slightly more difficult as you go.


Monday Quiz

1. Officers cannot, no way, no how, legally search a person’s home without a warrant. T or F?

2. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of the people to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure by the government. T or F?

3. The U.S. Constitution mandates that a police officer reads a suspect the Miranda Warning following an arrest. T or F?

4. Cordite is the main ingredient in modern ammunition. T or F?

5. Bullet-proof vests will stop all bullets. T or F?

6. All police officers are expert marksmen. T or F?

7. All police officers are highly skilled in martial arts and/or other fighting styles. T or F?

8. Cops are never afraid. T or F?

9. DNA testing is flawless. T or F?

10. Handheld fingerprint readers used by patrol officers return results in as little as 45 seconds. T or F?

11. Police sometimes use simulated cell phone towers that force nearby phones to connect with them, thus enabling officers to zero in on a suspect’s location.. T or F?

12. The NETF is an acronym for National Explosives Task Force, an organization that gathers intel on explosives so they can prevent future bomb plots. T or F?

13. Turkey Vultures are used to detect leaks in gas pipelines. Engineers pump a gas—the gas produced by decomposing bodies—into pipelines. Where/when the buzzards begin to circle, well, that’s the area where the leak can be found. T or F?

14. Technology is moving toward autonomous killer robots that could select, engage, and terminate targets, including people, without the assistance and/or guidance from humans. T or F?

15. Smart Keyboards can identify their users by the way they type—key pressure, typing speed, patterns, etc. T or F?