Lifting Prints From Wet Surfaces

Lifting prints from wet surfaces

Lifting prints from wet surfaces is not only possible, the technique is as easy as pie when using the proper material. Actually, lifting wet prints is as easy as, well, Wet Print…

Wet Print works on a variety of surface types.

Wet Print is a trademarked name of a product (small particle reagent) that contains small particles suspended in a liquid. Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories also produces and sells their brand of an SPR product. It, too, works extremely well on a variety of wet surfaces.

By the way, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories, they are a proud supporter/major sponsor of the Writers’ Police Academy. I’ve come full circle with Sirchie, having used many of their products and equipment during my years as a police officer. Later, I featured Sirchie products in my book on police procedure for writers. And now Sirchie plays a huge role at the WPA. They’re a fantastic group of people/experts who support law enforcement, and writers, all across the country and throughout the world.

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  1. Lisa P
    Lisa P says:

    Oh yes I love SPR. I’ve used it many times in the field. One thing though, it will DESTROY the finish on a vehicle if it’s not washed off immediately. But it’s fantastic on bottles that have some condensation on them, broken pieces of glass lying on the ground and it’s pouring rain, etc, etc. Love the stuff!

  2. Bud Crawford
    Bud Crawford says:

    Neat. Thanks. No idea such a thing could be done. But as it slips into all the stories everybody here is working on, soon the whole world will know.

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