K2: It’s Smokin…!

Okay, so the Feds say they won’t raid facilities that sell legal medical marijuana, but they do anyway. States pass laws allowing the sale and use of medical marijuana, but the DEA still suits up and arrests the sellers, growers, and users. Well, some users were fed up with the constant worry of being arrested, so they began manufacturing a synthetic LEGAL form of marijuana called K2. Yep, this stuff produces a nearly identical high by replicating the effects of THC, the high-producing chemical that’s found in marijuana. And there are no laws anywhere that regulate the manufacture, sale, or possession of the stuff.

K2 was developed by one of Professor John Huffman’s students in a Clemson University chemistry laboratory. The student discovered the chemical while studying the effects of pharmaceuticals on the brain. The new chemical was named JWH-018 (JWH are Professor Huffman’s initials).

Professor Huffman collaborated with researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and began a study of the effects of K2 on laboratory mice. The scientists quickly noted that K2 is more potent than marijuana. However, human users say the effects, while slightly similar to marijuana, simply are not the same, nor are they as pleasant.

There have been no studies conducted regarding the effects of K2 on the human body. No one knows what harm could occur as a result of smoking the newly discovered chemical. But many users say they don’t care, because they no longer have the fear of arrest and imprisonment that’s associated with smoking pot.

One user said a K2 “buzz” did not last nearly as long as a marijuana high. He went on to say that he’d rather spend a few extra dollars to purchase the real thing. Other users offered these comments about K2:

“Made me nauseous. I had to lie down immediately after smoking it.”

“It’s fairly comparable to a pot high, but it tasted like cloves.”

“The world just seemed to tick a bit slower.”

“It dulled my senses.”

“Gave me cottonmouth.”

“No red eye!”

“I could smoke this at work and no one would be able to tell!”

“I was very paranoid after smoking it. Two thumbs up!!”

“Oh, I’d definitely do this again.”

K2, also known as Spice. Genie, and Zohai, is available in stores for legal purchase. While K2 does not test positive for THC, it does show positive test results for synthetic cannabinoids, which doesn’t really matter because because the synthetic form is legal, for now. Needless to say, this is something that’s very attractive to former marijuana users who are now on probation or parole and must submit regular/random urine samples for drug testing.

K2 is extremely popular in Kansas where lawmakers intend to follow in the footsteps of Britain, Germany, France, Poland, South Korea and Russia—all have banned the sale and use of K2.

In Kansas, K2 sells for approximately $10 per gram (about the same +/- for marijuana, depending on where you are in the country), but the price may vary a bit depending upon the potency level. K2 is available in assorted flavors, such as Citron.

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  1. john mansonkala
    john mansonkala says:

    pot isent bad at all. if its legalized, crime is reduced, and everybody goes home happy. im 38, i have 2 wonderfull children, a job that i love waking up for in the morning, a beautiful wife, and i smoke that danky dank on the regular. now while dont believe that anybody underage should try it, i think that keeping it illegal is completely illogical and that when used responsibly can be a good thing. this k2 stuff on the other hand sounds like its trouble. its made in a lab, its not regulated, its clearly not healthy. if it can kill you then thats a good reason to criminalize it. -john

  2. aj
    aj says:

    If u get authentic K2, you only need a couple of hits to get quite high. Too much is an awful feeling (as is too much pot). Shara, I hope your son is OK now. Also, there’s lots of fake K2 out there that doesn’t do squat. So definitely use with caution.

  3. Shara H.
    Shara H. says:

    My 24 year old son used spice and ended up delusional, exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia and hospitalized for 9 days. So have three other people that I’ve heard about. I would love to see this stuff made illegal asap; I think that it’s dangerous.

  4. Scortch
    Scortch says:

    All BS Aside…
    I love it, and I think that this would be a great test product for the Government to “green-light” to see if we, the “Just Say No” generation, could use something similar in nature responsibly, rather than complete idiots. Treat it well, and it will do the same for you in return. Treat it irresponsibly, then it will be your fault that the real thing never get’s legalized. Basically, we all just need to grow up, and be better people. Also, I smoked for years, “medicinally.” I’ll be honest, I have been a culprit, rather than an adult many more times than I would like to answer for. Smoking responsibly completely changed my life for the better. I lost 45 lbs, I cleaned up my act in general, and I smoked as needed, and only as needed. I truly believe in what it can do used properly. For those who smoke like I do, K2 is very similar in effects, and right now, it’s legal. Any kind of smoking is bad, so who cares what’s in it (as long as it’s not fertilizer or something).

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    To the person that said you can get high off a 2 mile run:

    I run 2 miles every other day, and swim laps on the days in between. I am a physics major at a very well-known university that graduates immense amounts of lawyers, doctors and scientists every year. I also choose to smoke pot, almost every single day. Nothing is better than getting high after that 2 mile run and doing my homework, or drawing or whatever I wish to do. If you choose to not smoke marijuana that is your personal choice and I would appreciate it if you did not condemn others for doing so. I am 20 and have never had a speeding ticket, been in an accident, or even had so much as a parking violation, sober or under the influence. I maintain a 3.6+ grade point average, and I probably consume on average .5g of marijuana a day or more. Maybe you should try it.

  6. JW
    JW says:

    Dont knock it till u try it.
    U might go for a run or sit in the sun for a peaceful high. Thats not for me, I have one life to live and if i can use this in moderation then why not. I can keep my job ive had for years and have fun with my life till the government bands it. So all u people that thinks this is a bad product u should try it and have fun, cuz afterall u live one life.

  7. Jay
    Jay says:

    Never do this! It is stupid. I tired it last night with two of my friends. One of them started to have seizures. We had to call the ambulance. My friend almost died. If we would have waited 2 extra minutes to call. He would be dead now. Please never do this.

  8. Wow
    Wow says:

    KT: I feel that anything that is man made can always cause many more problems versus something that is grown

    have you ever tried smoking poison ivy? I heard its great, its grown too

  9. KT
    KT says:

    Okay, I have nothing wrong with marijuana, although I have never personally smoked it I have many friends that do. They wanted to jump the minute they heard about K2. However I am just leery about how new it is. I feel that anything that is man made can always cause many more problems versus something that is grown. To each his own but if I was into marijuana I wouldn’t touch the stuff!

  10. SZ
    SZ says:

    Just don’t bogart the Cheetos Lee !

    Megan, if you are new to the site, Welcome. From High School to retirement come us followers.

    Lee is a bit of a stickler you will find. He is all about the proper procedure for police and writing police investigations. Just read one of his Castle reviews. I do not have a television, and have never seen this show, however some days it takes all of his fingers and a few toes to get out all the things that went wrong !

    As for K2, or pot or alcohol, legal or not, if you can do this in moderation, go for it. If they legalize pot, like alcohol, you still do not want your doctor on it at work. No more then you want a driver on alcohol, pot, K2 …

  11. Mary
    Mary says:

    Megan, I don’t mean to attack. Marijuana is a touchy subject that is one part fact and the other part personal belief. If you feel the need to go ahead and smoke pot, be my guest. Just keep in mind people like Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphey probably assumed they were only harming themselves. Smoking pot is a destructive activity.

    As for alcohol, if someone added up the amount of alcholic beverages that I consumed in a year (and, yes, I am underage) it wouldn’t be enough for a first-timer to even get buzzed.

    Lee, if you feel this conversation shouldn’t be lengthened, please delete this comment. I don’t want to kick up any dirt on your blog!

  12. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    I don’t know Doug (Megan, any insight?). I guess I’ll dig into a bag of M&M’s and a jar of pickled pigs feet while we wait for an answer. Hey, who’s hogging the Doritos?

  13. Doug
    Doug says:

    So thrilled to see that folks in my home state of Kansas are supporting a new product (if only briefly).

    I wonder how it tastes/works in brownie form? A young computer geek friend of mine tells me he was going to mix up a batch of K2 brownies one night but got sidetracked when a guy robbed him and pistol-whipped him, stealing not only his K-2 supply but all of the pot and pills he was trying to sell.

    I didn’t know of his sideline when he fixed my computer but he told me afterward that smoking weed always gave him better insight into the more unusual glitches. I’m able to be online so I guess he did something right. Although every time I use this keyboard, I get the munchies…

  14. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Megan – Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Now, I think you’re sort of reading something that’s not here. I don’t believe anyone is condemning people for using K2, nor have they demanded that you or anyone else stop using it. Me, I’m just the bearer of the facts and news. I just think that, like you, they’re expressing their personal preferences. But you seem to be demanding that others see this your way. If you go back to our former posts about marijuana laws and use, you’ll find some pretty liberal thinking as long as its use doesn’t involve harming anyone, like when driving while under the influence of any drug, including alcohol. So please simmer down, and please do join us again. We value and appreciate everyone’s opinion. That’s how we learn.

  15. Megan
    Megan says:

    I have to disagree with all the people who are against this!! It is LEGAL… there’s no law saying that we can’t purchase it so what’s the big deal?? I gurantee that some of you people who are against this drink alcohol so what does it matter?? Alcohol is legal and so is K2 so back off!

  16. Mary
    Mary says:

    Now, why would anyone do this again? I agree with SZ. If you need a mood booster, go for a run, workout, sit in the sun, or WRITE. Instead of being open-mouthed, red-eyed, and spaced out, you actually experience a heightened alertness and (sometimes) peacefulness. It’s free, doesn’t get you arrested, strengthens brain cells instead of diminishing them, AND you don’t have to pay bail. Whaaaat?

    However, this would make a good plot twist. I always wanted one character to try and frame another with a bag of basil or thyme. K2 would definitely be sneakier.

  17. SZ
    SZ says:

    Or you can get high off a two mile run in the morning. Well I just did anyway.

    I have never heard of this either. As for it being legal, it just kind of takes time. Like cell phones used to be legal in the car …

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