High-Tech Crime-Solving: Morpho’s Criminal Justice Suite

High-Tech crime solving

Biometrics is the measurement/metrics and statistical analysis related to human physical and behavioral characteristics. Typically, biometrics is used for identification and access control, or for identifying people such as criminals/potential criminals who are under surveillance.

Fingerprints are a common use of biometrics. Others include voice patterns, irises, DNA, and facial recognition.

Safran, a company employing 69,000 people, is an international high-tech group whose focus is Aerospace, Defense and Security. One of their many areas of expertise is biometrics, particularly so regarding fingerprints and facial recognition.

Morpho, a division of Safran, is active in the field of biometrics. For example, ABIS is Morpho’s Automated Biometric Identification System. This particular bit of technology is used for fingerprints and palm prints, as well as for iris and facial recognition. But it is their Criminal Justice Suite that is particularly well-suited to aid in crime-solving.

The Criminal Justice Suite is also a crime-solving tool that would work extremely well in crime novels and other stories where high-tech police work is a main feature of the tale. If Morpho keeps this up real-life detectives could become a thing of the past. Looks like those goofy scenes on Castle may not be so far-fetched after all.

Here, see for yourselves.

Morpho also has a cool solution for secure access to restricted areas.