Here’s a Peek at What You Missed at the 2017 Writers’ Police Academy

What could I say about the 2017 Writers’ Police Academy that could accurately portray this fantastic, thrilling event? Could there possibly be an appropriate mishmash of words arranged in neat little rows and paragraphs that could possibly describe, well, this …

Writers Police Academy 2017 High-Risk Traffic Stop

Officer Down!


WPA recruits learn the bite IS worse than the bark!

Green Bay Police Mounted Patrol

Writers drive police vehicles in hot pursuit, then perform PIT maneuvers. THRILLING and HEART-POUNDING!

Knife/gun drill

SWAT: Explosive entry

Blood Spatter/Investigation – WPA Dexter style

Blood Spatter/Investigation P.2

Writers’ Police Academy 2017 – Building search training.

Craig Johnson, 2017 keynote speaker, found a bit of pleasure in crashing police cars during pursuit driving.

It was an honor for me to introduce keynote speaker Craig Johnson, and especially so as the trailer for the new season of Longmire played on the screen behind me. #2017WPA #CraigJohnson #Longmire







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  1. Leeann Betts
    Leeann Betts says:

    This was a blast! No pun intended. I learned to shoot a rife, and had a refresher on handgun. In live fire range! Learned how to identify drunk drivers, study blood spattering, did a Shoot, don’t shoot scenario, and how to decide if a suicide note is real or not. The classes were great, the instructors top notch, and I wanted to do so much more but there just wasn’t time. I’ll have to go again soon!

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    We wish you’d been there, too, PJ Nunn. Thanks so much for all your help and support. Very much appreciated!

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