Have Guns, Will Travel?: The Big Money World of Private Security

Private Security
Source: SecurityDegreeHub.com

*Today’s article was designed and written by the good folks at securitydegreehub. I have not fact-checked any of the details.

*Due to the devastating situation regarding tornado damage and loss of life in several southern states, our regular review of Castle will come to you a day late, on Wednesday. Thankfully, Good Cop Melanie Atkins dodged a bullet when a tornado passed near her house.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who weren’t as fortunate.

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  1. NikeChillemi
    NikeChillemi says:

    Thx. Good stuff.

    My next series involves private security. I write with humor, so I do stretch things on occasion, but I try to get most of my fact straight.

    All of my private security characters are very fit, weapons experts. That’s what makes it fun to write and I hope fun to read.

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