The Graveyard Shift: Almost DONE!!

Website is almost done!

After nearly ten years of providing information about topics such as police procedure, forensics, firefighting, DNA, and poisons, along with tasty recipes, silly stories, sad stories, fun stories, and gripping reality, well, it was time for change. Major change.

For a long, long time we’ve been applying bandaids to fix things that required full organ transplants. But I wasn’t willing to shut down the site long enough to allow a major overhaul. So … it finally happened.

The Graveyard Shift became The Graveyard Snail.

The Graveyard Snail

The site developed a mind of its own and starting doing things without my assistance. It was as if “the snail” was behind the wheel, wreaking havoc wherever it oozed.

Text became garbled and sometimes nonsensical, and comments and photos began to disappear, like yesterday when they were dropping like flies in a pesticide factory.

Anyway, for the past several weeks, our team of experts have been hard at work night and day (seriously) working to fix the broken stuff to keep us going while totally redesigning the site.

Well, the website and its new look is absolutely wonderful. It’s sleek and very, very cool with lots of new features and information, as well as some exciting additions.

Trust me, things (The Graveyard Shift, Writers’ Police Academy, and Lee and Denene Lofland) are going to move quickly in a few new directions, so hang on. The next few months are … well, you’ll see!!

In the meantime, thanks for your understanding and patience throughout this transition.

The new site should be online Monday morning and I can’t wait for you to see it.

By the way, exciting news about the Writers’ Police Academy is also heading your way next week. Yes, we do indeed have a few new available slots, so hurry before they, too, are gone!

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