Friday’s Heroes: Remembering The Fallen

Friday's Heroes - Remembering the fallen officers


Officer John Pawlowski, 25

Philadelphia Police Department


On February 13, 2009, Officer Pawlowski was shot and killed by an armed suspect. The officer had been attempting to quell a dispute between a cab driver and his passenger when the passenger fired a gun from inside his coat pocket. Officer Pawlowski was shot twice in the chest. The officer’s bullet resistant vest stopped the first bullet, but the fatal round struck him just above the vest. Officer Pawlowski’s brother is also an officer with the Philadelphia Police Department. His father retired from the same agency. The officer leaves behind his expectant wife.

Officer Richard Matthews, 28

Wilmington North Carolina Police Department


Officer Richard  Matthew died on February 18, 2009, as result of injuries he received in an automobile accident on the same day.

Officer James Fredrick (Freddie) Norman, 45

Cobb County Georgia Police department


Officer Freddy Norman died on February 14, 2009, from injuries he received in a collision with a drunk driver 21 years earlier. The accident left Officer Norman as a quadriplegic, but the drunk driver was sentenced to serve only 6 months in a halfway house. Officer Norman leaves behind his wife and three children.

Captain Scott Bierwiler, 42

Hernando county Florida Sheriffs Office


Captain Scott Bierwiler was killed on February 19, 2009, in a head-on automobile accident with a teenage driver. Captain Bierlwiler leaves behind his wife, three children, his mother, brother and a sister.