Firefighting: A HOT Time at the Writers’ Police Academy

Firefighting: Hot time at WPA


We promised a HOT one this year and man did we ever deliver! You, a rookie firefighter, will climb aboard a real fire truck to take a ride that’ll satisfy that “burning” desire you have to learn all things firefighting.

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Along your exciting journey to the scene there’ll be, of course, plenty of fire, smoke, sirens, flashing lights and…firefighters!


Fire Fundamentals: This interactive workshop begins with a ride in a fire truck heading to a fire (a real fire) and ends with a hands-on session with equipment inside the fire station. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells associated with firefighting.


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*Remember, the WPA completely sold out last year in just 6 short hours and we anticipate a similar response this year. Therefore, waiting to register could result in missing out on THE most exciting writer event of the year. We strongly urge you to register the moment the registration link goes live.

Registration opens at precisely 11 a.m., February 14, 2015. For details please visit the Writers’ Police Academy website.

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