Coroner’s Investigator Paul Beecroft: The Old Farmhouse

Last Week In England With Paul Beecroft

My friend, Paul Beecroft, has spent a good deal of his life in law enforcement, in England. He’s worked Foot Patrol, Area Car, Instant Response Car and also as a Police Motorcyclist. He’s currently a coroner’s investigator and has traveled all over England, Wales, Scotland and even Germany to investigate crimes.

Paul is an avid falconer, and he’s a pretty darn good writer. Today he’s taken another page from one of his own notebooks to share with us. Please enjoy.

The Old Farmhouse

The moon lights up the landscape of the English countryside

Stars shine in the clear night sky

So quiet, so peaceful

The Tawny Owl glides silently across the field into the trees

Young Rabbits play just outside their burrows

A warm Spring night

“Echo Charlie One One over”

“Go ahead over”

“Report of an intruder at the rear of the Old Farmhouse, occupants are both elderly”

“Yes received, I know them, on my way”

“I’ll get some back up for you”

“Copied, it should be OK though”

I start making

Through the country lanes

No other traffic

Trees block out the moon

Total darkness except for my lights

The eyes of Raynard the Fox shine momentarily before she moves away

Over the crossroads

Pass through the village

A single light shows in one house

Through the narrow roads

Down the track

Bumps, holes, no longer maintained

Headlights show up the farm house

Lights are on

Flash of Blue lights to let them know I am outside

“Hello Rose, they back again?”


“You alright”


“Is Bill alright”

“Yes he’s still asleep”

“They came again”

“Did you see them Rose”

“Sort of, just shadows”

“Where were they”

“Out back, the dogs were really barking”

“There quiet now”

“I know, they’ve gone”

“You see or hear anything else”

“Lots of lights in the field”

“OK, you go indoors and I will take a look around”

I wander around

Check outbuildings

Dogs in Kennels bark as I pass

“Easy girls”, I give them both a pat as I pass

Excited tails wag and they quieten down

I lean on the fence

Look out across the fields

Bathed in moonlight

Nothing moves

The Tawny Owl gives his hoot

His mate replies from the opposite side

Otherwise silent

“Echo Charlie One one”

“Yes go ahead”

“Sitrep please over”

“Yes it’s all in order here, I’ll get back to you”


I recall other times being here

Same call

Was it real I wonder?

Is it possible?

I wander back

“It’s all quiet Rose”

“They’ve gone haven’t they?”

“Yes they have, you go back to bed and get some rest”

“Why do they come here?”

“I don’t know Rose but I don’t think they mean you any harm”.

“I hope not”

“I’ll stay around for awhile Rose, you take care”

“Goodnight, thank you for coming”

I drive out

Return to the road

Ride around

Nothing moving


I look up at the sky

The Moon

The Stars

Nothing else

Nothing out of place

And I wonder

Are we alone?

Is there anyone else out there?

Rose will tell you there is.

*     *     *

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