Cops As Romance Cover Models: You Asked For It!

Cops as romance cover models

What do you get when these guys, Rick McMahan and Mike Roche, are on the same program? Easy answer. Nothing but trouble! Well, trouble and over the top practical joking.

Last year at the Writers’ Police Academy, ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan (above left) decided to pull all the stops and go for the gold. With a little help from bestselling author Lori Foster, Rick “uncovered” the secret lives of a few WPA instructors/cops.

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Yes, during the Saturday night banquet, in front of everyone, Rick had the nerve to “bare” his friends’ hidden “treasures.”

Who knew…

Former Secret Service Special Agent Mike Roche was named The Love Doctor.

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Since Mike’s WPA appearance, his modeling skills have been in high demand.

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But Rick didn’t stop with Mike Roche. Oh, nooooo….

Next was the always-hot Captain “Honeybuns” Shepherd.

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Not to be outdone, Rick decided to display his own six pack to the banquet crowd.

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Of course, my friend Rick didn’t forget me, The Big Kahuna, in his twisted plan.

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Rick, I do hope you realize that someday, somehow, the “big one” is headed in your direction…