Cops Are Like Old Hound Dogs: Kick Them And They’ll Still Come To You

Cop's like old hound dogs

It started with an explosion and ended with applause, when an ambulance carrying the seriously injured Boston Marathon bomber pulled away from a home in Watertown, Ma. And that’s when a new round of anti-police chatter started to hit the internet, talk that I’d been loosely monitoring since the bombing first occurred on Patriot’s Day in Boston.

First it was, “If the police had done their jobs this would’ve never happened.” And, “Look what our tax dollars buy us, a bunch of out of shape fat people who run around with their guns drawn, trying to look good for the cameras.” “Why didn’t they find the bombs before the race? The only thing those idiots can find is a doughnut and an overtime check.”

When the smoke cleared and while the families began to grieve for their lost loved ones, and the nearly two hundred wounded were receiving treatment for their devastating and life-changing injuries, the next volley of complaints about police actions began to pour out across the web.

“Now we all know what martial law looks like.” “The government knew this was going to happen and did nothing to protect us.” They (the government) knew about this and thought they could handle it, but couldn’t.” “The Obama administration staged the whole thing.” “Actors were used to create all the media images. The real suspects were whisked away to Saudi Arabia in military planes.”

As the week progressed and authorities engaged the bombers in a shootout and pursuit where explosives, including another pressure cooker bomb, some anti-police comments began to suggest the police were cowards, hiding behind military-style clothing and gear. And some believe the two bombers are innocent, that the government is framing them.

“Over nine-thousand cops to find a 19-year-old college kid? He made them look like fools in their little dress-up play army uniforms.” “After all the lies and incompetence by these government agencies and media you still believe he did it? Come on, people!” “Next stop on our road towards a police state.” “Just as usual. The government overreacts and wastes taxpayer dollars.” “Those cops all have 30 round magazines in their scary guns. How many bullets do you need to kill two guys?” “Hundreds of millions of dollars? for two guys? really?!?” “For the life of me, I don’t understand how/why this endeavor warranted a virtual army of police, FBI, and military personnel. Hundreds of them, along with dozens of vehicles, SWAT teams, and a virtual arsenal. It seems like over-kill to me. Sorry.”

“Are you kidding? Look at all those fat cops getting paid overtime to stand around looking important.”

“The authorities needed to be seen act and pin the outrage on someone. These guys have been used as “patsys” to take the rap for someone else. Much like Lee Havey Oswald took the rap for the shooting of JFK. People believe anything the media tells them. The secret services of all major countries lie and manipulate Joe Public ad infinitum -Just to keep those in control of everything the freemasons and illumianti in their ivory towers. Now we have USA jingoism on the streets which is nauseating as well.”

“The crowd cheering a this is disgusting. How do they even know this guy is guilty? He has not even been charged with any crime yet”

And then there was the TV news media that reported numerous bits of information without first confirming it. Unfortunately, several had to backtrack several times. It was all very confusing to the viewers, and it led to many false Tweets and blog posts. I watched one CNN reporter who was very much trying to report only facts and no speculation, but Wolf Blitzer constantly attempted to twist her words to make the reports seem more exciting and dramatic. After each of Blitzer’s attempts to distort her words, the female reporter interrupted with, “No, Wolf, that’s not what I said,” and then she’d carefully restate her comment. Still, Blitzer tried again and again to make the reporter’s words into something totally different, and she again would correct him. Watching CNN’s coverage of this event was painful.

NBC did a good job of keeping the facts in front of the audience. Fortunately, I had my own sources that kept me informed, which also verified NBC’s coverage, and often disputed CNN and other media reports, including the New York Post. However, one NBC reporter told the audience that all cops are taught to shoot to kill. That, my friends, is totally FALSE. Police officers are taught stop a threat, never to kill. They’re trained to shoot “center mass,” the center of the target. And that’s because when aiming for the center you’re more apt to at least hit some portion of the target.

At one point, there was so much anti-police rhetoric floating around I decided to offer a brief comment on my Facebook page, which was being followed by several people during the situation as it unfolded last night. In fact, I believe I actually heard of the capture moments before it was reported on television. Anyway, here’s what I wrote last night regarding the police and their gear and clothing.

Imagine for a moment that instead of clacking away at your keyboards, pumping out the next great mystery, thriller, or romance novel, that your job is to suddenly grab a weapon and go door to door in an unfamiliar neighborhood, searching backyards, homes, basements, attics, dark crawl spaces, sheds, abandoned houses, and roof tops for a man with nothing at all to lose.

The wanted man is scared and has already killed four people—one of whom was a police officer-and absolutely has no fear or qualms about killing you. He more than likely has explosives with him. He even ran over his own brother when making his escape from a shootout with police.

The suspect has the advantage…he knows where he is and he knows where you are, and when you’re approaching. Every step and every breath could be your last, and the only thing you have for protection is your swat-like clothing, Kevlar helmet, and gear, which is especially useful for providing a bit of concealment. Hopefully, it will stop a bullet or two, but you know it won’t protect you against a bomb blast. Still, you move forward.

Sounds very dangerous, doesn’t it? Yet, many people still complain that officers assigned to dangerous duty dress in military-esque protective gear. They also complain that police use armored vehicles. Well, what would you have them drive up to a scene where known bombers and mass murderers are hiding, a Volkswagen Beetle?

It’s best to allow the pros do their jobs in the safest manner possible. Besides, most of the complainers don’t have the slightest clue what it’s really like “out there.”

So I say this to all the people sitting in dark, damp basements, in their dirty, sweaty underwear, while staring at a computer screen hour after hour. Yes, you, the folks who are quick to type barbed shots about the men and women who protect your rights and your soft, doughy hides. That includes you, too, the guy who complains about use of force and why police officers are leery of approaching criminal suspects without a weapon in their hand. I say this…head down to your local police department, apply for a job, go to the academy, put on a uniform and badge, and then find the first bomber, terrorist, murderer, cop killer, baby rapist, drunk biker, knife-fighting meth-heads, you see. Next, leave your gun in the car before running straight into the danger, headfirst. What? There’s more of them than you? The odds are 50 to 1? They have weapons? There are 150 badly injured people. Kids are dead? Blown to bits? People are screaming? Two of them are shooting at you? You don’t know where the shots are coming from?

You’re scared? Call the cops? But, you are “the cops.” There’s no one for you to call. You’ve got to take care of the situation. What’s that? A bullet just struck your head? Your backup was killed by rifle rounds that penetrated their cars? And the others were just hit by a homemade explosive device. What a shame. Turned them and their vehicles into shreds of flesh and metal confetti?

Gee, if only you guys had some of that funny-looking gear that so many people complain about. You know, maybe a helmet to protect your head, and an armored vehicle of some sort that would protect them from explosives and rifle rounds.

Maybe, just maybe, if you spent a few hours in the shoes of the men and women who saved Boston and Watertown from more death and carnage, well, just maybe you’d have something to complain about. Until then, you really should be thankful there are people who are brave enough to do the job. As many of you say…I’m just saying.

*To all who participated in the hunt for the cowardly bomber brothers, thanks for all you do. To all of you who complained about the police…don’t worry, if the day comes and you find the need to dial 911, they’ll still come to save you. It’s what they do, no matter how many times you kick them.

Law enforcement officials tend to the Marathon bomber’s injuries post capture – ABC image

*To all our friends and former neighbors in Boston, we’re glad you’re all safe and sound. We were worried about you.

*Our condolences to the families who lost loved ones in this senseless attack.

Also, our condolences to the family of MIT Officer Sean Collins.

17 replies
  1. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    My first thought was I couldn’t believe people were saying those horrible things. Almost immediately, I thought, of course they are. People are so critical. You need to stop reading those things. 🙂


  2. Terry Ast
    Terry Ast says:

    The people making the anti-police comments would not have the courage or intelligence to do what policemen and policewomen do.

  3. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Sure, Sally, they had a tip (kudos to the observant homeowner), but it was the intense pressure from the police that didn’t allow the suspect to leave the area. This was a fantastic and successful investigation that was a joint effort between police and citizens. I believe it was a civilian photographer who captured the best images of the two bombers.

    If all citizens would come forward there certainly would be a lot more cases solved and a lot sooner.

  4. Sally Carpenter
    Sally Carpenter says:

    I think the Boston police and all involved law enforcement agencies should be commended for identifying and catching the suspects so quickly (although they had help with the tip from the boat owner!).

  5. Marie-Nicole Ryan
    Marie-Nicole Ryan says:

    Watching TV and holding my breath most of Friday until the search was over, I cannot imagine what life as a law enforcement officer is like. Thank you for always telling us how it is. Thank you for your years of service in the face of unestimable odds and paranoid, conspiracy-ridden whack jobs.

  6. Bud
    Bud says:

    Thank god for the police and fbi and national guard. Thank god the ‘good guys with guns’ were not ‘helping’ letting off random rounds.

  7. Diana Hockley
    Diana Hockley says:

    Thsnk you for your well thought out post, Lee. I have not read any of the complaints on the net but I can imagine what they are. There are always the same nasty comments here when our police have to deal with armed hold-ups, hostage situations and idiots at parties who riot. I commend the police for their bravery in rushing in, doing their job and putting themselves in the line of fire. Saw some beautiful police dogs there as well and was worried about them walking into the debris with bare paws. The news coverage I can’t comment about because we only got the highlights and they were Australian journalists who were very measured in their reports, with no sensationalism.

  8. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    I’ve learned to NEVER read comments on any news site. I prefer to stay in touch with reality.

    I thought Scott Pelley and CBS news did an outstanding job with their coverage. They also had John Miller (former FBI asst. director) who is very good at explaining law enforcement procedures to the general public.

  9. Terry Odell
    Terry Odell says:

    This just leaves me too upset to leave a coherent comment (although I’m sure everyone who reads this blog understands–too bad the idiots aren’t likely to read it.)


  10. Terry Shames
    Terry Shames says:

    Lee, you need to upgrade your “friends” on the internet. I saw very little of this whack-job stuff, and when anyone started whining to me about the number of cops it took to find the guy, I tried (I’m a writer!) to paint a vivid picture of what it would be like to go door to door, looking in basements, in backstairs apartments, garages–not to mention boats! It was a daunting job and they did it with thorough professionalism. I can’t quite the same for the media, but that’s another story.

  11. Pat Brown
    Pat Brown says:

    The conspiracy wackjobs and cop haters will never rethink their position. These people have no concept of empathy or putting themselves in anyone else’s shoes.

    How do you speak reason to people who think a Presidential top down conspiracy would kill men, women and children in cold calculation so they can impose a police state? All you can hope for is sane people will see through their hate-filled rants.

  12. Kris
    Kris says:

    Some people would complain if they won the lottery–and the police have always been something those same whiners natter about. Never mind they never offer any solutions, like exactly who and how situations like Boston should be handled. I’m nowhere near Boston, so I can’t tell them face-to-face but I thank God there were officers who stepped up and took the risks and did their job. All the whiny little naysayers can crawl back under their rocks; I didn’t see any of them out their risking life and limb to keep people safe. BOSTON COPS, YOU GUYS ROCK!

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