Castle: The Final Frontier – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

Castle: The Final Frontier

Last night, we were treated to a fun, light-hearted episode, and that’s where the characters of Castle truly shine. Sometimes, I believe Fillion and Katic could do this show in silent-film-style (no talking) and they’d still be deliver an entertaining show. Yep, their acting is that good, and this episode was proof. Of course, the supporting cast members offered plenty of their own “moments” throughout. And we saw the return of Perlmutter last night. His presence and ability to almost sound like a real M.E. were a definite plus.

I’m curious, though, as to what Melanie thought about this episode. So, off we go…

Melanie Atkins

This episode centered around a murder at SuperNovaCon, a fan convention for Nebula 9, a fictional sci-fi franchise. Mentions from Nathan Fillion’s Firefly and just about every other sci-fi series ever aired abounded in this one, and the results were hilarious. One of my friends who loves sci-fi texted me throughout the entire show about all the references… and I didn’t catch half of them. Yes, I’ve seen several episodes of Firefly, because I love Nathan, but I’m not a big sci-fi buff.

Kate Beckett is, however… as evidenced by her dabbling in Nebula 9 sci-fi role play while in college at Stanford. A picture of her in a Nebula 9 uniform entrances Rick, and he’s blown away to learn she’s a closet sci-fi geek. The entire episode was light and fun, except maybe when they discussed the actual murder-by-laser, and I cracked up with Rick spotted Alexis at the con dressed in a skimpy costume. Too funny! Kate had to pull him away from Alexis to keep him from totally embarrassing her.

Kate and Rick were joined at the hip in this one. We didn’t get a kiss, but I love seeing them in a relationship, even if the episode wasn’t heavy on romance. Rick kept on about Kate’s costume, so by the end of the show, she finally agreed to dress up for him at the loft. The camera focused in on him on the bed, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom… and she did, foot and backside first. Then she stepped all the way into the room — in a short black skirt, a Nebula 9-looking top, and a hideous alien head with giant, bloody teeth — and Rick freaked out. Hahaha!

Not a lot of depth or actual romance in this one, but I still enjoyed it. Next week’s episode is one done documentary style (like The Office), so that will be different, too. I think we’ll get a good peek into all of the characters… and that’s not a bad thing. The previews made me smile. I just love this show.

Police procedure and forensics…hmm… Not much cop stuff in this episode. Of course, we saw the return of Perlmutter, who was pretty much believable, as usual, even when talking about unbelievable things (ray guns). Did you notice that he didn’t refer to a crystal ball?

Seriously, Perlmutter based his time of death on liver temp (good), and he suggested that the victim’s wound was not caused by a gunshot. His reason…no spatter/bloodstain patterns, and no stippling.

A great line delivered by Perlmutter was in response to Beckett’s question, “What caused the wound?” Perlmutter’s response was, “No clue. Never seen anything quite like it.” Then he went on to say he’d be able to tell more once he got the body back to the morgue. See how easy that is, and it’s believable! Why, oh why, can’t they give this stuff to Lanie? To do so would help her character tremendously. Believable make believe. That’s the key!

Oh, Perlmutter delivered another great line when he welcomed Beckett and Castle as they entered the room, “Detective Beckett…and non-Detective Castle.” Good one.

– Esposito does his usual walk-up to Beckett to deliver the latest clue, and says, “Perlmutter says the laser was definitely murder weapon.” Okay, a bit of Lanie must’ve rubbed off on good old Perlmutter, because M.E.’s do not test weapons. Nope. Their job is to determine the cause of death. I doubt seriously that examining laser weapons (Laser Weapons 202) is offered in medical school.

– I’m sure everyone is aware of this, but I’ll mention it just in case… Detectives don’t herd all the suspects into one room for a mass questioning/reveal of evidence, like they’re playing a real-life game of clue. But it worked well for this show, because that’s what this is…television. It’s supposed to be entertaining.

Finally, the costume…


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  1. Peggy Burdick
    Peggy Burdick says:

    There’s a Castle marathon on Wednesdays and I watched a 2009 episode, Vampire Weekend, last night (Halloween show) and the opening scene has Castle dressing in a Malcolm Reynolds uniform, including hip-holstered gun. Alexis asks what he’s trying to be and he joyfully says, “Space Cowboy!” She takes aim and shoots, “First, dad, there are no cows in space . . . .” He looks down at his costume and says (pouting), “But I like it.” That’s my shiny little independent.

  2. Peggy Burdick
    Peggy Burdick says:

    I ran the scene with Frakes several times and didn’t recognize him. I thought he was an author I should recognize. And didn’t the “I’m your number one fan” creep out anybody? The line will never cease to be sinister thanks to the King/Bates duo. (Shudder) I wish I hadn’t deleted the episode so I could see it again.

    And the mask that Beckett wore in the closing episode was a Nebula 9 bad guy called a Creaver — in Firefly, the same mutilated antihuman character was call a Reever. Rick’s response was over the top considering he didn’t like Nebula 9, HOWEVER, Malcolm Reynold’s response was exactly correct. The Firefly references were great. Being a Firefly addict, there couldn’t be enough for me.

    I’m not looking to see a naked Beckett, but I thought the costume was really tame. Alexis’ outfit, on the other hand, was far sexier.

  3. Sherry Moran
    Sherry Moran says:

    I can’t believe that I missed Frakes’ cameo! I remember Castle signing for the “number one Fan” and making the comment about “how the mighty have fallen”, but didn’t look at the fan! WOW! Will have to see it again!

  4. thumper
    thumper says:

    I am just loving how Perlmutter is putting the screws into Castle in this episode. Can anyone imagine what it would be like if Perlmutter and Capt. Gates ganged up on him? Poor Castle lol

  5. Pat Marinelli
    Pat Marinelli says:

    Loved the show. Missed all the sci-fi stuff so glad to see the comments here. I’ll watch it again with a better eye. Alexis grown up…Wow, willl that be good for story ideas, especially with Beckett on her side. Beckett’s outfit…loved the scene, the mask sacred the living daylights out of me. lol

  6. Katarzyna
    Katarzyna says:

    As a matter of fact it was Jonathan Frakes’ SECOND “Castle” episode as a director. Previously he directed 2×08 “To Kill A Messenger”, in which we also had Perlmutter, not Lanie.
    BTW, he also directed (and made cameo as himself) Stana Katic in “The Librarian 3: Curse of the Judas Chalice” TV movie starring Noah Wylie in 2008.
    Too bad “Farscape” fans didn’t get anything from this one… 🙁 It would have been great to see some Scarrans at that SuperNova con… 😉

  7. Raphael Salgado
    Raphael Salgado says:

    Anyone notice Castle’s response when he watched Frakes walk away with his autograph? “My, how far they’ve fallen.” Hilarious.

    I hope someone can gather up all the real sci-fi and Firefly references, I don’t think I caught them all!

    Great show, and the previews for the next episode really shows that they’re taking us on a new ride. Looking forward to the rest of Season 5!

  8. Jody
    Jody says:

    I absolutely loved last night’s episode. I was laughing away & my husband popped up from downstairs to see what had me so wound up. Shiny!

  9. Sally Carpenter
    Sally Carpenter says:

    Best episode ever! I’m still laughing. Great guest spot as the inventor of the laser toys by Armin Shimerman of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” And of course Frakes as the director was a nice touch. The hammy actress who played Lt. Cloe was a hoot. Loved the Nebula 9 “captain” living his part off stage. Forget the forensics, this is what Castle should be: funny and goofy.
    I liked the “gather the suspects” at the end because it was a nod to the traditional Agatha Christie English drawing-room mystery. Nothing a “real” cop would do but it added the right touch of fantasy in this episode.
    An observation: the murderer didn’t seem like she had the brains to modify a toy laser pistol into a working model. How hard would it be to create a real laser?

  10. Laura Hayden
    Laura Hayden says:

    I enjoyed Frakes’s cameo as Rick Castle’s “Number One Fan,” plus the reference to “That Joss Whedon show…” as an example of good science fiction TV.

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