Castle: And Justice for All – A Good Cop Review (the bad cop is away on assignment)


Castle used to be about a bestselling mystery writer who played poker with Michael Connelly, and he tagged along with a tough-as-nails female detective as she and her team solved murders. Could someone please tell which channel and time THAT show is on because I’d love to watch it again. ~ LL


Melanie Atkins

Last week’s episode of Castle surprised me by being one of the best this season, with great writing and directing in true classic Castle form. This week, not so much because the crazy case bounced from here to there and back again. What happened to the stellar writing? I did not peg the ESL teacher as the murderer, probably because the show had so many characters that I got confused early on and stayed that way.

So many parts of the case were unrealistic, and I just couldn’t get past it. Rick going undercover as an ESL student? Please. Parts of the scenario humored me, to be sure, but weren’t ha-ha-laugh-out-loud funny. And now he’s having flashbacks from the time he went missing way back when? Are we really going to have to revisit that craziness again? Ack! Of course, the explanation of what happened during that time left a lot to be desired, but I’d rather they simply dropped it and forgot it ever happened.

And LokSat. No one mentioned that elephant in the room, but Kate and Rick are supposedly still “separated”, even though they worked the case together and are together in private. Ho-hum. I’m so ready for this aspect of the show to disappear. Seriously. It’s silly and nobody believes it. How could they, with them together all the time?

On a whole, I did not like this episode. I hope next week’s will be better, but I won’t be totally satisfied until the entire LokSat and missing time plotlines are put to rest in episode 16. That can’t happen fast enough for me.


Lee Lofland

Unfortunately, I was not able to watch the episode, the first time since I started this review back in season one. Therefore, I have nothing to say. However, based on Melanie’s portion of the post, I don’t believe I missed much. So I guess I’ll sit in here in the corner and listen to your comments about the police procedure, forensics, etc. Could someone help us out by sharing your thoughts? What did you see that was right, or wrong? Anything?