Calling For A Few Good Books…and other cool stuff

kent mccord


In case you haven’t heard, we’re hosting a big event in September called the Writers’ Police Academy. I’m pretty excited about the academy because it’s truly one of the coolest writer’s events ever (and I’ve attended more than my fair share, and yours, too).

While at the Writers’ Police Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to train just like real officers. The best part of it all is that you’ll be doing this training in a real police academy, using real police equipment, in workshops taught by real police officers and police academy instructors.

Ever wonder how someone reacts after being sprayed with pepper spray? You’ll soon see because we’re actually going to spray someone (a police officer volunteer). How about the effects of a Taser? Yep, we’re doing that, too. And…we’re going to investigate an accident, set a real building on fire and then put it out, toss a concussion grenade, shoot, handcuff people, dust for fingerprints, develop prints with Superglue, spray luminol, load a body into an ambulance, and, well, the list is simply too long to include here. But you get the idea. Oh, and mega-superstar Jeffery Deaver is our keynote speaker!

In addition to helping writers get their facts straight and saving lives during the rest of the year, many of our instructors attend Guildford Technical Community College’s criminal justice programs for their basic and in-service training needs. This program has made the Writers Police Academy a reality. Without them, we would have no event. Without the police officers who dedicate their time to help authors, we could still be writing about cordite and .357 shotguns.

So, it’s time for us to return the favor, folks. The college’s Criminal Justice Foundation needs our help. They need funds to continue offering quality training. For example, when I first met with the criminal justice officials to propose and discuss this event, I noticed an empty TV bracket hanging on the wall in the training academy. I asked why there was no TV and was quickly told that they’d run out of funding before the the project could be completed. So the bracket remains, waiting for the day when they have enough cash in the bank to purchase a monitor.

Sure, the profits from the Writers Police Academy are going to the Criminal Justice Foundation, and that’s a wonderful start. But now we’re reaching out to those of you who can’t come to the academy but want to repay the kindness and generosity these law enforcement professionals have shown to the writing community. Many of these officers and experts are the folks who provide technical information for this blog, so you may have used their services without realizing it.

How can you help? Easy. We’re holding a raffle during the event and all we’re asking is that you send us items, such as signed copies of your books, or other items of interest, to place in the baskets. I sent out an email yesterday to several writing groups and the response has been fantastic, but we still need more. I’d really like the college to see just how generous and thoughtful writers really are.

So, if you have something you’d like to contribute, please send me an email at, and I’ll provide you with all the details.

Thank you so much. See you in a few months!

By the way, I’m pleased to announce that singer Joe Bonsall, along with the rest of the popular singing group, The Oak Ridge Boys, is now a generous supporter of the Writers’ Police Academy.