Abolishing the DHS

Abolish the DHS
Source: SecurityDegreeHub.com

* The views, facts, and stats in the above infographic are those of securitydegreehub. While The Graveyard Shift may or may not agree, this site is always open to expressions of ideas and opinions. It is up to you, the reader, to decide which side of the path you choose to walk. With that said, what are your thoughts on the DHS? Should they stay, go, or be trimmed back a notch or two?

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  1. Elizabeth Bryant
    Elizabeth Bryant says:

    I, too, believe the DHS should never have been created. It was/is a large brick in the path to Big Brother rather than the security measure its proponents claimed.

  2. Chris Norbury
    Chris Norbury says:

    DHS NEVER should have come into existence. It was certainly the most egregious power grab/ expansion of government I expect to see in my lifetime. I echo other commentators who said our aggressive prosecution of “The War on Terror” (Ugh, I hate even uttering the phrase–isn’t it impossible to wage war against a concept?) has caused exponentially more problems than it has solved. The DHS, along with the TSA, can’t be dismantled too quickly.

    Chris Norbury

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