A Show of Hands and Other Cop Stuff


Recently, a writer asked me why some cops wear gloves. Many people think officers wear them to look cool, as accessories to those nifty mirrored sunglasses. Well, not so. Here’s a few examples of the many types of duty-specific police gloves. Oh, I’ve added a few other items at the end just for fun.


Frisker gloves are fitted with cut resistant liners. $30.00 pair.


Heat and friction resistant gloves for fast roping (rappelling). $55.00 pair.


Roping gloves worn by many SWAT officers for rappeling. $15.00 pair


Wet operations gloves. $14.39 pair.


Fluid-proof gloves provide protection against blood borne pathogens. $15.00 pair.


Street guard gloves are specially designed to allow excellent weapon control. There’s also a Terrycloth outer thumb for wiping away perspiration from the eye area. $30.00 pair.


White gloves are normally worn for formal dress. They’re sometimes worn when directing traffic. $3.99 pair.


Patrol gloves are excellent for driving. They also offer protection against sharp objects during pat down searches. $25.00 pair.


Search gloves provide protection against razor blades and other edged weapons. $45.00 pair


Flight glove – Flash and flame resistant for protection of up to 800 degrees F. $26.00 pair.


Xtreme X body armor is equipped with a built-in moisture wicking material that’s deigned to keep the officer dry and cool. $615.00 each.


Second Chance Summit SUM 2 vest is breathable and waterproof. It’s available for both male and female officers. $1250.00 each.


Hidden badge and wallet case. $25.00 each.


Kubaton key chain. An excellent physical control and distraction device. Think pain. Lots of it. $4.25 each.

*      *      *

I’m traveling to the East of Eden Writers Conference today. I’ll check in after I arrive in California.