6 Police Apps For Writers

Six police APPS for writers

1. Shooter – The Shooter app calculates wind, trajectory, velocity, etc. ($9.99)

2. Crime Scene Tracker – Found in the Google Play Store, Crime Scene Tracker is designed to help detectives keep track of evidence via digital recordings. The information can even be superimposed over a Google map to pinpoint locations. (Free)

3. Evidence Cam – Another goody located in the Google Play Store, Evidence Cam is designed to be used in the field. Handy onscreen information includes GPS coordinates, times stamps, and street names. There’s even space for file and case numbers, information about suspects and witnesses, and notes. ($0.99)

4. FlashFace – A fun app for potential sketch artists. FlashFace comes with over 800 facial features—eyes, noses, mouths, glasses, hairstyles, etc. Drawings may be saved, shared, and/or printed. ($4.00)

5. U.S. Cop – An extremely detailed guide covering topics such as accident investigation formulas, case law, law enforcement training manuals, and much more. ($3.99)

6. Forensics Guide – An A-Z glossary of forensic science. It’s a handy tool for following TV crime shows, or for writing, reading, and understanding autopsy and/or police reports. ($2.95)

*This is not an endorsement for the above listed apps.