2015 Writers’ Police Academy: A Door-Kickin’ Good Time!

2015 WPA: A door kicking, good time


There is never a shortage of superstars at the Writers’ Police Academy. Pictured above are Catriona McPherson, Karin Slaughter, and Robin Burcell


Fox Valley staff (Joe LeFevre on left) making certain details are in place for the day.


Building entry and search workshop included a list of “How-Not-To’s.”


Police K-9 waits for his time in the spotlight.


Safety briefing prior to entering the range for live rifle-fire training.


Fingerprint workshop.

It’s no secret that investigators often work very long hours and often go without meals while working to solve cases.


Writers often ask if it’s possible to lift prints from surfaces such as those with odd textures and those that are wet. Well…


Learning to lift prints from difficult surfaces, including wet objects.


Clear print developed on totally wet surface.

The 2015 WPA was absolutely fantastic, and we’d love to see each of you in 2016. Details of the next event are on the way. Until then, here’s a little something that’s sure to brighten your day with a smile…