2009 Golden Pen Award Winner: Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

My fascination with reading and writing began with detective magazines, The Hardy Boys, and Poe. I even read Nancy Drew when Frank and Joe Hardy weren’t available. In fact, I practically read everything I could get my hands on – Archie, Superman, Batman, Tom Sawyer, To Kill a Mockingbird…well, you get the idea. I absolutely love the written word. Therefore, it was a real honor last year when I was asked to be a judge for the Golden Pen Award, a writing contest for young people.

The Golden Pen is awarded to the student who crafts the best essay about an assigned topic. This year the essay title was:

Life was easier for teenagers 50 years ago than it is for teenagers

Rebecca Williams penned this year’s top story. Her words obviously came from the heart, and those sentiments really stood out on the page. Rebecca’s story took me back to my own youth, when life was good – to the days when my parents were still around. I read the winning story over and over again, and each time I did a different memory presented itself to me. So I thank you, Rebecca, for writing something that allowed me a visit to my younger days. It was wonderful, even though it only lasted for a moment.

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