20 Interesting Ways Colleges are Using Pinterest

20 interesting ways colleges use Pinterest

Just about everyone and their mother (especially mothers) is on Pinterest these days, and we can’t blame them: it is a really cool resource for finding the very best ideas, inspiration, and all around neat stuff. So we are not at all surprised to find out that colleges and college students are joining in on the fun, too.

Many colleges and universities have jumped on Pinterest to create their own boards for prospective and current students, alumni, and other interested parties, and lots of them are doing a really great job. From game day fashion to alumni baby photos, college pinboards are full of some really fun and useful stuff. Read on, and we’ll share 20 of the college Pinterest boards that we’re most impressed with.

  1. Adorable bulldogs

    Drake University is doing great things with their Pinterest account, including Celebrate Drake, Study Abroad, Ultimate Fan, and Bulldogs Without Borders boards that are truly outstanding. Our personal favorite is one that highlights photos of bulldogs, Drake’s official mascot. This is a really fun and lighthearted way to bring school spirit to Pinterest.

  2. Future Aggies

    We’re big fans of the way that Texas A&M makes being an Aggie a family affair. In their Future Aggies Pinterest board, TAMU shares cute clothes, baby photos, and a celebration of everything that Texas A&M kids might like.

  3. Famous Maryland Alumni

    The University of Maryland makes their educational value stand out by highlighting alumni that have gone on to make it big. The school boasts graduates including Google’s Sergey Brin, Connie Chung, and Jim Henson, fun facts that we were oblivious to before Pinterest.

  4. Eat for $5

    Obviously catering to the poor college crowd, Multnomah University’s Eat for $5 Pinterest Board shares great eats that students can pick up for a fiver or less. Have a little more wiggle room? They’ve got a board for $10 meals and even $10 Portland activities.

  5. Bikes & Bike Style

    On the bike-friendly campus of Oberlin College, two-wheeled love doesn’t stop on the bike paths: it goes on Pinterest, too. Cool bikes, inspiring bike style photos, and even great ideas for never losing your bike key again are available through this college pinboard.

  6. Flip Flops & Long Boards-Campus Style

    California Baptist University embraces California style in this pinboard. Check out Flip Flops & Long Boards to find cool dorm ideas, shoe styles, and even rad skateboard designs.

  7. Weekend Adventures

    Stockton College has found a great way to motivate students, highlighting awesome adventures that they can look forward to each weekend. With a location that puts students close to the beach, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and even New York City, Stockton’s collection of weekend adventures on Pinterest is impressive.

  8. The Treasures of Yale

    On Pinterest, Yale is able to highlight some of the most amazing artifacts in the university’s collection, posting videos in The Treasures of Yale. This video series and Pinterest board goes in depth to explore arts, humanities, and science treasures from Yale, including rare paintings and art pieces.

  9. Nowhere Like Here

    In this Pinboard, Bennington College does a great job of highlighting what makes their school unique. Photos of interesting spots on campus, unique activities, Bennington-only moments, and cool projects make this college look like a place you want to be.

  10. William Woods, the man

    Dedicated to the namesake of William Woods University, this Pinterest board has photos of Dr. William Stone Woods, as well as photos of his gravesite. We really enjoy the way that William Woods University celebrates its heritage here on Pinterest.

  11. Global Like No Other

    Although some colleges might say they offer a global education, Concordia College really backs it up with this Pinterest board. Through links, photos, and stories, the Global Like No Other board from Concordia offers extensive proof of why this school regularly ranks among the top 15 colleges in the country for global study.

  12. Historic Boston

    As a women-centered university located in Boston, Simmons College has a lot to offer when it comes to the history of the city. Old photos, maps, and historic architectural projects can be found in the college’s Historic Boston pinboard.

  13. Jobs, Careers, & Internships

    We’d like to see Folsom Lake College really explore all that Pinterest has to offer, but their Jobs, Careers, & Internships pinboard is off to a great start. Sharing relevant articles, news, and even the latest job openings, Folsom’s pinboard is a great resource for students to check out.

  14. True love

    Sometimes, true love happens on a college campus. This is evident at Illinois College, and they’ve dedicated an entire pinboard to highlighting Illinois College sweethearts, married couples who met and developed their relationships at the college. Newlyweds, families, and old married couples contribute to this pinboard’s warm and fuzzy feeling.

  15. People of Elizabethtown College

    Just who makes up Elizabethtown College? This pinboard offers an answer, sharing links to stories about students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others in the Elizabethtown community. We love how Elizabethtown offers this pinboard to help outsiders get an idea of what the college is all about.

  16. Things to do at Carleton

    We’re sure there’s no shortage of things to do at Carleton University, and this pinboard does a great job of pointing out several of the fun activities that the school has to offer. Through Things to do at Carleton, students and other interested parties can learn about art galleries, talent events, a butterfly exhibit, and even a magic show.

  17. Maymester Destinations

    Students at Piedmont College enjoy the opportunity to participate in a “Maymester” travel abroad experience, and the college highlights some of the possibilities in their Maymester Destinations pinboard. We’re impressed with how the college has found breathtaking photos of several different European, South American, and Asian locations, enticing students to take advantage of this great program.

  18. Creative Thought Matters

    As a college with a reputation for creativity, Skidmore College is staying true to its roots with a pinboard dedicated to creative thought. This collection of pins shares interesting exhibits, projects, and social proof that Skidmore is a hub of young creativity.

  19. Major Profiles

    Before actually heading off to college and choosing a major, it can be difficult for some students to imagine what their life might be like. With the Major Profiles pinboard, Hanover College allows prospective students to understand more about where various major paths can take them, relying on the experiences and firsthand accounts of actual Hanover students.

  20. FC Traditions

    Every campus loves to celebrate its historic traditions, and Franklin College is no exception. On the FC Traditions pinboard, visitors can check out fun activities like Grizzly Grandparents, fall tailgating, and the homecoming privy burn.

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