Writers’ Police Academy Registration is HERE!


You’ve waited one whole year. Your typing fingers are itchy. You’ve practiced hitting the ENTER key so many times that you’ve beaten your past record and set a new personal best. You are POSITIVE that no one on this earth, even the folks from Germany, Canada, Australia, and California, Michigan, or Delaware, can beat your times. “I WILL get one of those coveted spot at the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy,” you say to yourself, over and over again. “Even if it sells out within an hour, AGAIN!”

Yes, it’s time. It’s here. Registration for THE event of the year is FINALLY here, and it is truly one for the record books—over 50 workshops with more on the way. Shooting. Driving patrol cars during pursuits and PIT maneuvers (how cool is it that you get to bump and spin a bad guy’s car out of control…yes, these are real cars), explosives, ballistics, shoot/don’t shoot, officer down calls, homicides investigations, coroners, helicopters, SWAT and other Special Op training, tons of Special Op vehicles to climb in and inspect, arson investigations, testifying in court (yes, we have a courtroom on site), martial arts for writers, drones, real emergency department training with an interactive patient, K-9’s, and more and more and more and more. AND MORE!

Four days and nights of intensive, heart-pounding hands-on excitement. That’s what awaits you at our fabulous international law enforcement training center. And, to top it off, we’ve assembled at team of dozens upon dozens of the top instructors in this country who’ll take you behind the scenes to learn how 1st responders, detectives, forensics specialists, and medical personnel handle everything from domestic calls to murders to dealing with armed suspects to crash scenes to treating trauma patients, and everything between.


Remember, we don’t offer writing craft sessions at the WPA. That’s not what we do. Instead, our sole focus is providing you with the best of the best hands-on police, fire, forensics, and EMS training. After all, there are scores of great writer conferences all across the world where you learn how to write. But there’s only ONE Writers’ Police Academy, an event designed by cops and writers where you learn and practice the intricate details of what to write (we offer insider details not available at any other event in the world).

The WPA is cleverly planned and arranged to stimulate your senses (touch, taste, hear, smell, see), which enhances your ability to transfer those experiences to your work and then on to your readers. The result = a reader who benefits from a weekend you spent having the time of your lives at the WPA! And, happy readers = happy agents, ecstatic editors and publishers, fantastic reviews, and big royalty checks and large fan bases.

You deserve the best and the best is what we provide. From the moment you enter the lobby of our spectacular event hotel, where you’ll be super impressed, to the Sunday debriefing panel, you’ll live four days in the shoes of the women and men who risk their lives every single day to keep us all safe. Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve heard that line before, but you’ll leave the Writers’ Police Academy with a first-hand, hands-on experience that has actually changed the lives of many writers who’ve attended. The WPA is that kind of experience. We don’t just go through the motions. Not at all. We provide you with real weapons, real cars, real equipment, real training, a real academy, and enough realism to last you a lifetime…or until the 2017 Writers’ Police Academy rolls around.

We take you behind that thin blue line, a place not usually traveled by those outside the profession, where you become part of the law enforcement family. And then the learning and the fun and the lifelong bond between you, your instructors, the officers, and your training academy begins.

Yes, the Writers’ Police Academy is THE event of the year. But it is also the event that lasts a lifetime.

Okay, so here’s how it works.

1. The much-awaited registration opens tomorrow (February 21st) at noon EST.

2. Slots fill extremely fast, like almost immediately.

3. You sit at your computer prior to the noon hour.

4. Call up the Writers’ Police Academy website.

5. To the far right of the header you’ll see a button that reads “Registration.” Click on it. Practice this tricky move until you have it mastered. A dry run in advance would be a good idea.

6. Once you click the registration button you’ll notice the action activates a drop-down menu that includes the button “Full Registration.”

7. Watch your clock carefully.

8. At precisely 12 noon (we’re using an atomic clock to know the exact moment to activate the link) CLICK THE FULL REGISTRATION BUTTON!!!!

9. The registration page displays on your computer screen. The page before you is full of information and boxes to check and buttons to click. It’s so simple that even I can do it. However, if you have troubles during the process immediately contact us at 2016wpa@gmail.com and a WPA staff member will guide you through the process. We’ll be monitoring the registrations and payments as they come in so it’s likely we’ll see the trouble, a rarity, in real time.

10. YOU’RE IN! Time for a happy dance with the family pet, your kids, spouse, or all by yourself.


11. As soon as you’ve registered and receive the confirmation that you’re in, be sure to take a cool photo of yourself that shows you smiling, giving a double thumbs-up, doing the happy, dance, or whatever expression of sheer joy that best fits making it into the THE event of the year! Fireworks and a conga line come to mind.

12. Post your selfie to Facebook and Twitter and please tag me in your posts along with the hashtag #2016WPA.

Finally, please remind all your friends about tomorrow’s registration and time to do so. And, please do blast the news all across every social media site you can find today and tonight, and tag me so I can follow along! Post WPA photos and tales of your fantastic experiences at past WPA’s. Best of all, be excited because IT. IS. HERE!

So…let the fun begin!

See you tomorrow at noon EST.


*     *     *


*Sisters in Crime, a longtime major sponsor of the WPA, is offering a whopping $150 discount for their members attending the WPA for the first time! Not a member? No problem. Join SinC prior to WPA registration to receive the discount. It’s that easy!

Sisters in Crime

*We are adding even more workshops to the already totally impressive schedule, so please check it throughout the day (Saturday, Feb. 20). You will NOT be able to see and do everything so please have your favorite sessions in mind when registering because a few bonus sessions require advance signups. Remember, your registration fee includes ALL sessions and workshops, lunches at the academy, breakfast at the hotel, and more.