WPA Police Ride-A-Longs and Jail Tours

WPA ride alongs


Ride-a-longs and jail tours begin at 6pm Thursday at the front entrance to the Embassy Suites hotel. Please be on time. The officers absolutely will not wait for anyone! And please read all rules and regarding the rides and tour.

A brief orientation is scheduled for 5:30 pm outside, near the front entrance area.

Notification emails have been sent to the winners of the police ride-a-long lottery

Attached to the emails are waiver and background check forms that must be completed. Those of you assigned to the High Point Police Department absolutely must get your forms in the U.S. mail IMMEDIATELY, so they can be processed in time for the ride-a-long. All others, please follow the instructions in the emails you received today.

Everyone, please check your spam and junk folders for the message. If we don’t receive a reply from you soon, we will have to move on to the next person in line.

If you see the name of a friend in the list below, please contact them to let them know they’ve won. We need to hear from the winners ASAP!

The winners are:

1. Howard Lewis – High Point Police Department

2. Mel Parish – High Point Police Department

3. Mike Fanning – Greensboro Police Department

4. Meagan Beaumont – Greensboro Police Department

5. Judy Bird – Greensboro Police Department

6. Melanie Atkins – Greensboro Police Department

7.  Joseph Terrell – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Terrell

8. Joya Fields – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

9. Mary Barker – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

10. Finn Jackson – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

11. Portia McCracken – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

12. Elizabeth Shultz – Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

Police Ride-A-Long Rules

Please do not bring any unnecessary items with you. No backpacks, briefcases, laptops, large pocket books, book bags, etc. A pen and notebook should be all you need. Please ask the officer if he/she permits the taking of photographs. Absolutely NO video and NO audio recordings. You may NOT take photos of any civilians engaged by the officer(s). And, obviously, no weapons of any type will be permitted during the ride with the officer. You are to follow the officer(s) instructions, and all rules of the police department and/or sheriff’s office.

The winners of the jail tour lottery are:

1. Barbara Bombar

2. Susan Paturzo

3. Katherine Nyborg

4. Rita Oakes

5. Louise Dietz

6. William Craft

7. ?????????????

8. Phyliss Barham

9. Dana Dobson

10. Cathy Wiley

11. Kate Cooper

12. Vy Kava

13. Ellie Oberth

14. Dan Odell

15. ?????????????

16. Margaret Anderson

17. Robert Doucette

18. Melissa Dicker

19. Mary Barker

20. Sylvia Nickels

21. Margaret Doucette

22. Cat Waldron

23. Terry Odell

24. Corey LaBranche

25. Evelyn Schlatter

*Winners were chosen randomly using a computer-generated numbers assigned to each name.

*Please contact Lee Lofland immediately if you do NOT wish to participate. This tour is of a actual jail, complete with actual inmates.


Jail Tour Rules

Vans for the jail tour will depart from the front of the Embassy Suites hotel at precisely 6 p.m. on Thursday September 20, 2012.

Remember, this is a real, working jail complete with real prisoners who are incarcerated for crimes ranging from trespassing to murder. Therefore, for everyone’s safety, you may NOT bring anything with you except a photo ID, pen/pencil, and a notepad. No cellphones, no cameras, no purse, no keys, no weapons, no wallet, no cash, no paperclips, NO ANYTHING except the items listed above. Anyone attempting to bring anything other than the approved items will not be allowed on the tour.

Again – approved items are:
photo ID
pen or pencil

You MUST remain with the deputy(s) leading the tour. Do no NOT “stray” from the group.

Please leave all other items at the hotel. You may not leave ANYTHING in the sheriff’s vans for safekeeping. WPA, GTCC, or sheriff’s office staff may not hold your items for safekeeping.