Weekend Road Trip: Clifton Gorge, Ohio

Weekend road trip


Clifton Gorge is a 268 acre preserve located in Greene County, Ohio. The gorge was formed by interglacial and post-glacial canyon-cutting into the area’s dolomite and limestone.

The cool and damp north-facing walls of the gorge create the perfect environment for hemlock, red baneberry, and the rare snow trillium.

The Little Miami State and National Scenic River makes its way through a narrow channel which was formed by wearing away and connecting a series of potholes in the bedrock.

Clifton Gorge, situated at the eastern outside edge of John Bryan State Park, is an excellent place for hiking and photography, and to enjoy nature at its finest.

So put on your favorite pair of hiking shoes and join our grandson, Tyler, on a recent trek through the gorge. By the way, Tyler is currently training for the Bluegrass Brawl 12, a mixed martial arts title fight held on May 9, 2014. Tyler and his competitor are the opening match on the event fight card.

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