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With the final Writers’ Police Academy event rapidly approaching (June 8-11), the reality of “the end” is replaying images and clips in my mind of the past fifteen years. Much has happened during that decade and a half and those memories will live with me until my final days on this planet. I will cherish every single detail.

It’s been a true pleasure meeting every single attendee, instructor, presenter, special guest, guest of honor, hotel staff, vendor, sponsor, volunteer, academy staff, chief and sheriff, entertainer and, well, everyone who’s helped make the WPA a successful and wonderful event. I thank you all for your generous support. You’ve made a difference in my life and I hope the Writers’ Police Academy has helped you in some way. After all, the goal all along was to help writers improve their craft.

With that said, registration for the 2023 WPA’s FINAL event will soon close. We are very near capacity and only a very few spots remain available, and just yesterday I had to add a few more rooms to our block at the hotel.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to attend this exciting event now is the time to sign up.


*I have reserved the ten seats for Tami Hoag’s free giveaway offer, and the same for those offered by other sponsors—Kendra Elliot, Melinda Leigh, Patti Phillips, and Katherine Ramsland. 

Below is a copy of the Writers’ Police Academy newsletter emailed to subscribers earlier this week. Please have a look because it contains a ton of information I think you’ll find most interesting and valuable. Use the arrows to scroll through the pages.

Again, sign up TODAY because it could be your last opportunity to do so. And, for those of you already registered, please reserve your hotel rooms before our block fills again. I may not be able to add to it again because the hotel is very busy that week, as always.

P.S. – The closing of the WPA annual event is certainly not the end of our projects for writers. Not at all. We have a couple of exciting plans in the works. So stay tuned!


FINAL Newsletter