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When we decided to develop the MurderCon event, we knew we’d have to bring writers inside the often very private world of homicide investigations, to a place where only law enforcement professionals are permitted to enter. It’s a place beyond the crime scene tape and beneath the lenses of microscopes. It’s human tissue, special lighting devices, sensitive tools and equipment that you’ve most likely not encountered, or, for that matter, never heard of. MurderCon is where writers will absorb material that will amaze both you and your readers.

MurderCon is all about the factual side of solving homicides. It’s insects and soil and fire and blood. It’s buried bodies, autopsies, the interrogation of killers. It’s about the destruction of human life by chemicals and deadly things that are too small to see with the naked eye.

The focus of MurderCon is narrowly defined. It’s all about murder and is designed to transform writers into homicide investigators. Yes, MurderCon attendees will receive the exact same instruction that’s offered to, and attended by, top homicide investigators from around the world.

To deliver such an exceptional program we knew we had to expose attendees to no less than stellar instructors, the experts who train the professionals who teach the experts. Yes, MurderCon attendees will attend sessions taught by the best in the business. Believe me, this is exciting and I’m am beyond thrilled that you have this chance to be a part of something that’s so incredibly special.

An event of this scale has not been attempted in the past and it is my guess that the 2019 MurderCon is such a unique alignment of the stars that, well, it may not happen again.

And, speaking of stars, please allow me to introduce you to two of the outstanding MurderCon presenters/instructors, Karmen Harris and Heather Hanna.

More to follow in the coming days.

Karmen Harris

Karmen is the Sexual Assault & Outreach Coordinator for Friend to Friend in Carthage, NC. She has worked for Friend to Friend since September of 2017.

Karmen is a Registered Nurse board-certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for adult and adolescent populations. Karmen received specialized training as a Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner while working as a civilian nurse at Womack Army Medical Center. Karmen’s nursing experience includes working with patients with psychiatric and behavioral health needs that include substance abuse.

Karmen’s educational background includes graduating from East Carolina University in 2009 where she studied Anthropology and Forensic Science before becoming an RN in 2014 after completing nursing school at Carteret Community College.

At MurderCon 2019, Hanna will present …

Sexual Assault – Perspectives and Differences, State to State

Karmen Harris, Board Certified SANE examiner, the workshop instructor, explains the wide variation currently in sexual assault investigation, as well as the stigma involved in these highly-sensitive cases. The class will explore the perspectives of the victim, the investigator, law enforcement, and the lab. Karmen will discuss the wide-array and differences between “rape” kits and how various jurisdictions collect and/or package different evidence based on the jurisdiction that they serve.

Heather Hanna

Heather Hanna is a forensic geologist specializing in the analysis of rock fragments and mineral grains in soils as trace evidence. Since 2009, she has been involved in multiple forensic investigations and has testified as an expert witness in first degree murder trials, the first of which set a legal precedent in Wake County, N.C. for using geochemical analysis of mineral grains as part of courtroom testimony. 
As a result of her forensic work, she has been an invited speaker at many law enforcement conferences and continuing education programs including the Conference of District Attorneys, the North Carolina Criminal Information Exchange Network, the North Carolina Homicide Investigators Association, and the North Carolina International Association for Identification. She has also presented her forensic work at national and sectional Geological Society of America meetings and as an invited speaker for the Soils Science Society of North Carolina.

At MurderCon 2019, Heather will present …

Trail Magic: Geology Solves the Case

Learn how perpetrators, victims, and crime scenes can be linked through the characteristics of various soils and minerals found throughout the United States. Real case examples provide details as to where soil traces became key evidence in identifying where the crime took place, and linking the victim and perpetrator to the scene.

MurderCon 2019 is brought to you by …


*The all new MurderCon website will be online very soon. Registration is scheduled to open in mid February. You may reserve your hotel rooms now, and I encourage you to do so since we’ve already had to increase the room block, twice! Due to the unique nature of this event and the excitement it has generated, we anticipate the registration and the hotel blocks will sell out quickly.

The official hotel for the Writers’ Police Academy’s Murdercon is:

Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley

4500 Marriott Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612

We encourage you to make your hotel reservations by using the online reservation link (below).


Individuals may also make their reservations by phone by calling Hotel’s toll free Reservation Line, 1- 800-MARRIOT.
To receive the established Group rate, you must identify yourself as a member of the Writers’ Police Academy 2019 event when making the reservation. All reservations must be received by the group’s Cutoff Date of on or before July 10, 2019. Reservations made after the Cutoff Date will be subject to availability and the most available rate.




August 1-4, 2019


Training Location:


100 Hunter Place, Youngsville, North Carolina 27615


Hotel Location / Training Location:

Marriott Crabtree Valley

4500 Marriott Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina 27612