Rifle and Shotgun Combination?

Rifle and shotgun combonation


Recently, I received an email from a writer who was working on a scene where the killer wanted to throw the police off his tracks by firing bullets, instead of shotgun shells, from a shotgun. The question was if this was realistic, or not.

Well, no, you can’t fire an actual bullet from a shotgun. Slugs, yes, but not bullets. However, there is such a thing as an over/under shotgun and rifle combination. These unique firearms have been around for years and the design is simple. A rifle barrel is mounted above a standard shotgun barrel.

Various versions of the rifle/shotgun are available. For example:

The Savage Model 24 is a combination 12 gauge shotgun and 30-30 rifle.

30-30 round

12 gauge shotgun shell

Savage Arms .22 LR over .410 gauge shotgun.

The top barrel fires .22 caliber bullets. The bottom barrel is for .410 gauage shotgun shells.

Here’s a video showing the use of an over/under combo rifle and shotgun. Warning. The language of these folks is a bit graphic. Also, their safety habits are nonexistent—no hearing or eye protection among other things. I used this video as an example mainly because it’s the only one I could find that shows someone loading ammunition into the weapon.

Please be safe when handling firearms!

So, to sum up the writer’s question about throwing the police off the killer’s trail by using bullets in a shotgun…it won’t work.

* I also saw a discussion about this topic on a popular writer’s discussion group. So, thanks to Wally and crew for today’s blog idea.

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