Georgia Reflections … and an alligator

Georgia Reflections


Savannah, Georgia is an amazing place that’s rich in history, for sure. But “days long ago” is not the focus of this road trip. Instead, I wanted to invite you on a brief journey to see places and things that are not typically accessible to Savannah tourists.

So please join Denene and me as we pull to the side of Hwy 204 a few miles west of Savannah. This is the spot where we’ll unload our kayaks and then tote them through a dense stand of saw palmettos and Spanish Moss-draped live oaks and swamp black gum trees. Never mind the armadillos and wild hogs scurrying to avoid us, and pay no attention to the swarming mosquitos and relentless attacks from the invisible gnats—noseeums—feasting on your skin, because what’s waiting for us on the other side is absolutely stunning.

Yes, right there. I know, the river is extremely still. Yes, it is quiet. It’s always peaceful. Actually, I’ve never seen another human back here. Just water birds, an occasional fish leaping to catch a bug, and an alligator or two sunning themselves on the banks.

So slide your kayak into the water and follow us for a peek at some breathtaking afternoon reflections. Oh, it’s best that you keep your hands and feet out of the water. You’ll see why in a moment.